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HIST 115A History of the Americas I

3 hours lecture, 3 units
Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Option

Description: This course provides a framework for interpreting the history of the Americas, from 1500 through 1800. This survey examines how diverse peoples migrated or were transported to perform labor among indigenous peoples of varying levels of social organization and technological sophistication. The course includes treatment of how these peoples interacted and reciprocally influenced each others' cultural forms, political institutions, social relations, and economics. Emphasizing the comparative history of these societies, the course traces the eventual emergence of independence movements setting the stage for establishment of autonomous nation states. The course also traces the simultaneous development and evolution of capitalism in the Western Hemisphere during the period. This course requires students to analyze a variety of source materials, think critically, and write thesis-based essays. This general education course is designed for both history majors and the general transfer student.

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