English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language Program is designed to prepare students to read, write, speak and listen at a level that enables them to succeed in college courses.

The program consists of four levels and the student is assigned a level based on the result of his/her placement test.

The first level, level 19, is a combined skills class in a lecture/lab format. Students who successfully complete this course are at the intermediate-low level. Some students at the beginning level may find ESOL 19 difficult. For these students, counselors are available to discuss options and resources, including classes at Continuing Education.

The second and third levels, Level 20 and 30, are made up of three courses. The grammar-writing component is a six-unit course; the reading and listening/speaking components are three units each.

The fourth level, Level 40, is a single course in reading and writing. Students who successfully complete ESOL 40 can read and write at an advanced level. They are prepared to take English courses one level below transfer (Engl. 51 and 56).