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CHEM 233L Organic Chemistry II - Laboratory

6 hours lab, 2 units
Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass Option

Description: This course is the second semester of a one-year sequence in Organic Chemistry Laboratory and is designed to illustrate the principles presented in Chemistry 233. The emphasis is on synthesis, purification and/or characterization of selected classes of organic compounds, including but not limited to aromatics, alcohols, aldehydes and ketones, carboxylic acids, amines, and simple examples of bio-organic molecules. Additional emphasis is placed on multi-step synthetic pathways and product identification using selected methods of qualitative organic analysis such as wet chemical and advanced spectroscopic techniques. Variation of scale from micro- to macro-quantities, and more advanced separation and analytical techniques, distinguish the level of this course from Organic Chemistry I Laboratory. This course is intended for students pursuing a baccalaureate degree in the chemical sciences or in majors such as premedical, predental or pharmacy; and for students training for careers in some chemical technology fields.

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