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Reshaping the 2% - Contemporary Ceramics

Brian Benfer, Ianna Frisby, Joanne Hayakawa,

Rebecca Manson, Brad Schwieger and Julie York

February 2 – 26, 2015

Reception: Thursday, February 12, 5 - 7 pm, Art Gallery D101

               Artist Lecture with Julie York,

             following reception in G101, 7 pm

Curated by San Diego Mesa College professor Nathan Betschart, Reshaping the 2%, is a contemporary ceramics exhibition featuring artists with a novel interpretation of the medium—both visually and conceptually. While clay materials are heavily mined and utilized in a myriad of present day applications, utilization specifically for art purposes comprises an astoundingly small percentage, just two per cent.  These renowned artists contribute to that number as they reshape what we know to be contemporary ceramics.

Brian Benfer utilizes a porcelaneous composite for the fabrication of a specially formulated “chalk” that he then uses to draw on an expansive chalkboard painted surface directly applied to the gallery walls. The pixilated drawings that he generates are reminiscent of the “white noise” on a static television screen or representative of ubiquitous QR codes. The chalkboard has become an archaic method of communication and Benfer’s frenetic markings serve as indicators of our shift into a digital age. In a similar vein, artist Ianna Frisby uses the old craft of decorative porcelain to comment on current cultural issues. She transforms Darth Vader into a flowery benevolent overlord and attempts to erase the dark past lurking behind a lovely image of a Southern plantation: the “white guilt” becomes decorative “gilt” on a dish/platter.

San Diego artist Joanne Hayakawa has been interested in contrasting dualities and the connection between the individual and the natural environment. In these works she pairs body parts with elements from nature: for example, in Aspiration, lungs become a symbol of both frailty and strength and the branches symbolize a connection with larger world. Rebecca Manson also draws from the human body. The forms and marks in her artwork originate in the remarkable structure that all of us share, our humble skeleton. Bones, often seen as inert and lifeless, are celebrated by being woven into lush configurations. This gesture also alludes to the fact that tight connections between individuals result in a strong communal structure.

In the past year, Brad Schwieger’s work has addressed an interest in architectural landscapes, usually cityscapes, and the surrounding industrial areas. In these pieces, he combines wheel-throwing technique with mold making and slip casting to generate forms such as cylinders and drainage pipes. The results are both sculptural and vessel oriented, and they evoke the miniature and the monumental and the possibilities that exist within design and function. Julie York is a sculptor from Canada who uses traditional materials in a non-traditional way that is both visual and contemplative. Her white on white delicately rendered structures draw from the history of ceramics and from her research into materials, skill, labor and perceptions. York engineers environments with recognizable forms that are presented in a way that challenges the understanding of how we see and what we see.

San Diego based artist Brian Benfer and Joanne Hayakawa will speak about their work on the evening of the reception.

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