Welcome to the Mesa College
Department of Fine Art

Fine Art is a strong and vibrant program that is responsive to student needs, industry trends and transfer institution requirements. We provide exemplary instruction within an engaging and supportive environment. Our faculty takes part in a wide range of local, national and international professional opportunities. The Museum Studies emphasis works with local institutions to provide valuable student experiences outside the classroom context. We strive to maintain a solid reputation with the local arts community and cultural institutions.

We offer the following areas of emphasis:

- Art History and Art History for Transfer

- Ceramics

- Digital Art - Digital Drawing, Painting and Digital Photographic Imaging

- Museum Studies

- Three-Dimensional Design - Sculpture and New Genres

- Two-Dimensional Design - Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Digital Art

- Photography and New Genres - Analog/Digital Photography and New Genres

We are in dialogue with various transfer institutions (regionally, statewide and beyond) to keep current with changes and continually assess our curriculum to ensure that our students meet their criteria. As a result students are drawn to this program because of the confidence transfer institutions have in our curriculum. We strive to provide an engaging and stimulating learning environment stressing Critical Thinking, Visual Literacy, Global, Historical and Technological Awareness. This is accomplished through inter-class collaborations, strong faculty interaction and thriving student clubs (Ceramics club and Studio Art club) and student facilitated events (Women's Studies and Student Art exhibitions).

The Art Gallery serves as a laboratory for Museum Studies students and as a forum presenting exhibits and lectures by professional artists. The gallery also hosts two annual student exhibitions. Fulfilling the goals of the Art Department, the gallery’s mission is to enrich and engage our community through art.