Full Time Faculty

Fischer, Peggy

Email: pfischer@sdccd.edu
Phone: 619-388-2832
Office: P-300
Mailbox: P-300

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The staff of veterinarians and licensed Registered Veterinary Technicians possess a broad range of expertise and personal experience to the program. The laboratory classes are sufficiently staffed allowing students to receive individual attention and maximum exposure to different types of veterinary practice philosophies. Classroom instruction (including lectures, demonstrations, and testing) precede the actual "hands-on" performance of diagnostic and treatment procedures. Guest speakers from San Diego animal health facilities are utilized to add special emphasis on selected topics.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Dana Brunette, RVT
  • Ira Feinswog, DVM
  • Carol Gaffney, RVT
  • Bebe Jovanovic, RVT
  • Kathy Kaleka, DVM
  • Kate Keeney, RVT
  • Morag Mackay, RVN
  • Tracey Mumby, RVT
  • Kendra McCafferty, RVT
  • Terry Paik, DVM
  • Kim Williams, RVT