Veterans Internship Program
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Veterans internship program

Mesa College
Veterans internship program (VIP)

Mesa VIP provides student veterans the benefit of gaining career-enhancing experience while providing financial incentives towards successful completion of the internship program requirements.

Student Veteran Learning Outcomes:

  • Express understanding of skills, values, and goals related to the internship experience.
  • Knowledge of career exploration through assessments, workshops, training and experience.
  • Understanding daily operational tasks for successful employment.

For more information, please attend an Information session on one of the following dates. Click here to access the schedule.

If you are interested participating in this program, please complete application below.

Last Name, First Name (ex: Smith, John)
Do you have a Mesa College Comprehensive Education Plan on file with the Counseling Department?
*As part of your application, please also submit a copy of your resume. Send your resume to Ramiro Hernandez: