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student/Faculty/Staff resources

Student/Faculty/Staff REsources

Listed below are quick resources for students,faculty and staff. Please let us know of any additional resources that would be helpful for you and your colleagues.

Student Transfer resources:


  • Please complete this application planning tool BEFORE you sign up to the CSU application Workshop. Your organization and pre-planning will assist us with a smooth CSU Application process. This will be your confirmation to move on to the virtual CSU application workshop
  • Cal State Apply Help Center
  • CSU Application Guide PowerPoint: Cal State Apply application important information & key updates only presentation
  • CSU Application Guide
  • CSU Application
  • CSU Application FAQs
  • For the Fall 2021 application term: Cal State Apply application tutorial video (step-by-step) click here
  • CSU Application Fee WaiverIf financial circumstances have changed for 2020, applicants will need to contact the CSU campus directly to request a fee waiver.  Campuses may use a Fee Waiver Appeal form or some other method to receive requests. If approved, a coupon code that covers the cost of the application is provided by the campus. Applicants should complete (not submit) the application in full as soon as possible to confirm they are not eligible for the fee waiver based on 2019 income information and then contact the campus(es) to request a fee waiver appeal. Some campuses have students work with the financial aid office for this but the process at each campus may vary.  Applicants may contact the campus admission office via the general email found here. 
  • Application fee waiver appeals are also still available. If a student’s family has experienced a significant change in income between 2019 income, reported on their application, and 2020 they may qualify for an application fee waiver appeal. Fee waiver appeals are handled by the individual CSU campuses. The student would need to contact each campus(es) they are interested in applying. Contact information for campuses can be found here.
  • The fee waiver appeal form is available on the Application Fee Waiver site.
  • CSU Campuses Contact Info



Common Application uses the same application software platform as Cal State Apply. However if you need assistance specifically for the Common App use the live chat while in the Common App.


The coronavirus pandemic is forcing many organizations and educational institutions to send people home to continue working and learning. In order to remain relevant in today’s ever-evolving workforce, employees and students are constantly challenged to develop new skills. This webinar provides simple tips that could help with adjusting your behavior toward more efficiently working & studying remotely.  Please click here to register for the upcoming webinars. TOPICS INCLUDE:

  • 5 Expert Tips for working and studying from home
  • How to efficiently and effectively work and study from home with guest speaker Dr. Robinson, Associate Director of Accessibility & Wellness department at National University
  • Overview of National University Scholarships and programs

List of community resources:

Mesa Transfer Events flyer

Community College Counselors

Unofficial Advising Sheets

SDSU Resources

SDSU Pre-Professional Resources



CA Privates

Nursing Websites

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