Testing Center



Testing Center


  • Student Services Building
    Second Floor, I4-201
    P: 619-388-2718
    F: 619-388-2525
  • Monday - Thursday:
    8:00am - 6:00pm
    8:00am - 3:00pm
  • testing@sdccd.edu

Testing Center
Assessment & Testing

Assessment is located in room I4-201, on the 2nd floor of the Student Services building. 

Assessment is an important first step to starting at Mesa. Assessment will help determine which English and Math classes you should start with, clears prerequisites for a number of other classes, and is one of multiple steps you need to complete to be eligible for any registration "priority."
You must have an Application and Mesa CSID in order to be assessed. Before Assessment, you should complete the Online Orientation or see the Orientation page for more information. Academic advisement is available after Assessment - you can go to Drop-in Counseling or schedule a Registration Workshop.


assessment Exemptions

You may be exempt from assessment if you have taken a standardized test before, or if you have taken a test at another California Community College. Please see the FAQ for more info about using these scores, the English and Math course sequences, and more. Please feel free to call, email, or drop by the office to determine whether you qualify for an exemption.

Assessment via placement assistant

Our Placement Assistant will identify courses that you can enroll in. To be eligible for this assessment, you must have recently (≤10yrs) graduated from a US high school.

This assessment uses your prior academic history. You will report your cumulative, unweighted high school GPA, courses, and grades. Based on your responses, you could be placed in English and mathematics courses. Some students may also need to take the English and/or mathematics assessment tests.
This assessment is available on a drop-in basis. You should have a transcript available to make sure you get an appropriate placement.
These placement results may apply to outside colleges based on their independent determination.

Assessment via Accuplacer Exam

Some students may have to, or may opt to, take an exam rather than alternative measures. The Accuplacer exam consists of Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Elementary Algebra, and Arithmetic. The exam may only be completed once in a calendar year, and is available on a drop-in basis daily.
Prepare by reviewing Sample Test questions online. If you desire more help, we have partnered with the MT2C to offer referrals for pre-assessment Tutoring. Please see the Schedule for availability and come in when you're ready.

English as Second Language Assessment

The ESOL exam is designed for students primarily educated outside of the U.S. in a language other than English. It is a timed exam designed to help non-native English speaking students select appropriate English classes. This exam consists of 75 questions answered over 45 minutes. Please see our Schedule for more information, and please review Sample Test questions before taking the exam.

Advancement Exam info

"Advancement" exams (also called "challenge" tests) can help you change or skip courses after you have already assessed. For information about Challenge Testing, please see this Admissions bulletin or call 619-388-2682. These department resources are also helpful:

- Math Department
- English Department