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Kelvin Crosby

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Kelvin Crosby

Meet Kelvin Crosby

Major/Certificate:  Communication Studies

Transfer Goal:  Point Loma Nazarene University

How are you involved at Mesa College?  I compete on the Mesa Speech and Debate, and also active in Intervarsity Club (Christian Club on campus); modeled for the Fashion Show (2009).

How long have you attended Mesa College?  I just started my third year.

Why did you choose Mesa College?  I chose Mesa because of the flexibility I would have in the uncertainty of how my vision loss would progress. I also chose Mesa because of their support in the Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS) services. Let's not forget the great Hi-Tech Center. Also, to start on my general education classes while I choose a major.

What have you enjoyed most about your Mesa College experience?  I enjoyed taking pottery classes, travelling with the speech and debate team and the community I have with the other students in speech and debate.

How is Mesa College preparing you to achieve your academic goals?  The Speech and Debate Team's rigorous discipline continues to improve my speaking, as well as, my writing skills. My classes prepare me to be competitive academically, so when I do step onto a University's campus, I am prepared and ready. This builds my confidence and self-esteem which is so important when new challenges arise.

What resources/services have supported you through your Mesa College experience?  The Library has been a great source to do research, find topics for my speeches, and study. Julie Pludow at DSPS has helped with making all my accommodations in each class. The High Tech Center has provided audio text books to assist in my studying and prevent continually straining my eyes. I enjoy the relationships I have built with my professors. Their office hours have been helpful for any assistance that I need.

How would you describe student life at Mesa College?  Student Life at Mesa is interesting. Some go to class and go home. Others get involved in clubs and activities around campus. Mesa students get as much out of it as they are willing to put into it. I love the hustle and bustle that occurs around lunch time. Mesa Pride is something I would love to see more of.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  I will be married to my beautiful girlfriend, Abigail. I will continue to be an advocate for deaf/blind on Capitol Hill; traveling the world educating communities on the struggles and plight of deaf/blind citizens. I will have completed my Masters or a law degree.

What is your proudest moment as a member of Mesa's Olympian Speech & Debate Team?  I got the chance to participate in the National Phi Rho Pi Speech and Debate Tournament in New Orleans in April of 2010. My proudest moment was overcoming my deaf/blindness to compete on a national scale. I missed advancing to the finals by just two points. I did my best and did not allow any obstacles to get in my way.