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Judith Wright

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Judith Wright

Meet Judith Wright

Major:  Biology Allied Health Track

Transfer Goal:  My transfer goal is to enter the SDSU Nursing program. I am currently on the program waitlist for an Associate Degree in nursing at City and Grossmont College's.

How long have you attended Mesa College?  Two very cool years.

Why did you choose Mesa College?  Location. Location. Location. I live in San Diego and it is a very convenient campus to get to. The location is what got me here, however, the Professors and staff kept me here. They are awesome!!!

What have you enjoyed most about your Mesa College experience?  What I have enjoyed most about Mesa College is the unexpected support I have found. The teachers and students alike work together here. Although nursing is a very competitive field here in California the students worked in junction rather than for themselves.

It's hard to be grumpy or selfish when you're schooling on such an aesthetically pleasing campus. I love the architectural design of the Science and Library building. (By the way, believe it or not, the food is good here, too.)

How is Mesa College preparing you to achieve your academic goals?  Nearly every class you need to transfer to a University is available here. Financially, course work at Mesa is a huge plus due to the less expensive tuition at the Community College level.

What resources/services have supported you through your Mesa College experience?  I owe many thanks to the tutoring department at Mesa. The times I was ready to throw in the towel the tutors turned it all around for me. Because of them I was able to keep my grade point average up. They thoroughly helped me in my problem studies. They went at my pace and were very patient with me.

How would you describe student life at Mesa College?  "Chilaxed." Since we have so many outdoor areas and beautiful San Diego weather, we have the opportunity to disperse through out the campus. Everyone is pretty easy going and very friendly. Colorful is another word I would use to describe the campus. The students are so culturally diverse even if you were to fail a class you're bound to learn something new.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  ON VACATION!!! Perhaps as a traveling nurse. Whatever I do I know helping those in need of recovery from alcohol and drug abuse will play a big role in my life.

What excites you most about serving as Mesa's 2010 Student Commencement Speaker?  Sending a message and hopefully reaching even 1 person in the audience. Maybe someday someone might approach me and say, "You helped me get on track with my dreams". This is a chance of a lifetime and even through I'm scared to be in front of so many people, I wouldn't change it for a second.