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Cherie Deogracias

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Cherie Deogracias

Meet Cherie Deogracias

Major/Certificate:  Political Science
Class of 2012

Why did you choose Mesa College?  I chose Mesa because of the positive feedback I was receiving from friends of mine who had attended.

How long have you attended Mesa College?  I have been at Mesa for almost two years.

How are you involved at Mesa College?  I was elected Associated Students President, during this past Spring Semester, for the 2011-2012 term of office. I also participate in the Honors Program, Student Veterans Union, and am running pre-season Track and Field. I also sit on various shared governance committees.

What have you enjoyed most about your Mesa College experience?  Besides the sometimes-stressful parking situation, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed everything about Mesa College! The staff and faculty are always cheerful and helpful. My professors clearly love what they do. My advisor, Dean of Student Affairs Ashanti Hands, has helped me grow exponentially as a student leader and a person. Moreover, I have enjoyed meeting and working with the Mesa College Executive team, including our new President, Pam Luster, as well as Chancellor Carroll. Both of these women are leaders in our community and genuinely care about our Mesa College community. This must be why the parking lots at Mesa are full all the time... because everyone wants to go to a school where the people (students, faculty, and staff) are amazing!

How is Mesa College preparing you to achieve your academic goals?  At none of the other campuses I've attended have I felt that the staff and faculty were more invested in their students than at Mesa College. I feel that my professors, peers, and advisors have gone above and beyond in helping me reach the next step, which will be transferring to a four year university.

What has been your favorite class?  As a Political Science major, of course, I have loved my political science courses. What was a little more surprising was how much I enjoyed the Sociology classes at Mesa. My Political Science and Sociology classes were definitely the classes I would be most excited to attend.

What resources/services have supported you through your Mesa College experience?  Like many other students, the Financial Aid office has enabled me to find much needed financial support, as well as the Mesa College Scholarships offered through the Mesa College Foundation. Another resource that has been invaluable is the Transfer and Career Center. Chris Kalck and Monica Romero have helped so much with planning my transfer to a four-year university.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?  In 10 years I see myself with my Bachelor's and Master's degrees, and starting my Doctorate. My dream has always been to work within the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Hopefully by this time, my dream will have come to fruition.

What excites you most about serving as the 2011-12 Associated Students President and what do you hope to accomplish this year?  Ever since I was elected into this position, my life has been a whirlwind of activities. Every day is something new, something different. I learn so much interacting with the student body and serving as a voice for students on the different shared governance committees.

I feel very lucky to be working with such a motivated and inspirational group of people in the Associated Students. I feel that my cabinet shares my vision and is working to implement programs on campus to help enrich the experiences of students during their time here at Mesa.

What advice do you have for perspective Mesa College students?  As much as possible, utilize the numerous services available to Mesa students. The Student Health Services, Counseling, Transfer and Career Center, Admissions, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Associated Students, AND MANY MORE, are here for you!

Also, if you can, I would suggest getting involved with the any of the many different clubs on campus. Becoming involved has enriched my experience at Mesa College, and has opened up endless avenues of opportunities for personal learning and growth. It has made my time at Mesa much more memorable, and hopefully, would do the same for you.