Innovative Planning Survey FAQ



Integrated planning survey faq

Integrated Planning Survey

1.   Why am I being asked to submit a survey report?

Programs that received funding through Student Success & Equity and Student Success & Support Program are being asked to submit a survey report in order to solicit feedback.

 2.   Is the Integrated Planning Survey and Report required?

Yes, it is required for individuals whose Innovative Practice and Funding Request were submitted and approved.

3.   How many surveys does one need to complete?

A report is required for each activity that was granted.

4.   Why are the Integrated Planning and Survey Report required?

The Integrated Planning and Survey Report is required to provide a mechanism and an outlet to share about the outcomes from the requests granted through the Innovative Practice and Funding Request.  Completion of the survey will allow the Integration Workgroup leads to incorporate feedback in future reports. It will also aid with future planning and provide a comprehensive view of resources, commitments, and priorities, in addition to ensuring that an alignment occurs with our integration priorities and finances. Doing so will allow the leads to better coordinate the use of resources while remaining transparent and accountable.