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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is included in the Promise Scholarship?

Selected students will receive the following:

  • In-State tuition and health fees will be covered for Fall and Spring. Note: Student Parking and Student Rep Fees are not included.
  • $750 Book Voucher ($375 Fall. $375 Spring).
  • Any remaining funds in Fall will be carried over to Spring

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What happens if I accidentally paid my fees?

Please contact your Promise Coordinator if you paid your fees. As a Promise student you are awarded a scholarship that will cover and tuition and fees after any eligible financial aid has been applied to your account.

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What can I purchase at the bookstore?

Use of your Promise bookgrant is limited to text books and access codes for course required materials.

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What if the book I need is not available at the bookstore?

First, verify that the book is not available at the bookstore with bookstore staff. If a course required book is not available at the bookstore, contact your Promise Coordinator. They will provide you with a reimbursement form. You will need to purchase the book or course materials yourself, and will be reimbursed by the Promise program.

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How do I complete my community service?

Part of the San Diego Promise is to help students engage with the local community through acts of community service. All Promise students must complete eight hours in their first year to be eligible for the second year. Students may find volunteer opportunities by visiting the San Diego Volunteer Connect website at for volunteer opportunities.

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