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Room: Room I4-309 (3rd floor)
Phone: 619-388-2706

Fall Hours
M-Th: 8:00am - 6:00pm
F: 8:00am - 3:00pm
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March 2017 Newsletter

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EOPS /Care

The mission of the San Diego Mesa College EOPS/CARE Program is to provide a supportive, student-centered environment to low-income, first generation and historically disadvantaged students by promoting access, academic achievement, retention and overall personal success. Our programs are committed to enhancing the students educational experience by empowering then to define and pursue their academic, career and personal goals.

The EOPS department staff invites you to discover all of the services available to you. By accessing our home page you have already begun to unlock the key to your academic success. Our department is staffed with people who care and will encourage and offer support to you as you accomplish your educational goals.

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) is a state funded program designed to provide counseling, retention and support services to increase college enrollment for those individuals who have previously not considered college as an option. EOPS strives to alleviate the educational barriers that preclude many students from college attendance.

EOPS provides services, "over and above" those offered by the college, to enhance the educational success of program participants, beginning with an outreach program that stresses that college is for everyone with a dream, and that success can be a reality for those with a plan.

As students progress through their programs, EOPS will assist as they prepare for graduation and/or transfer by helping with educational and career planning. Simply put, EOPS helps eligible students enroll, stay in college, and succeed.

In addition, EOPS also provides services to single parents currently on public assistance through the CARE Program. Please visit the CARE webpage for more information.