Services and Accommodations

The DSPS Department offers students access to disability related, reasonable accommodations (per Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act) which extend beyond those regularly offered by the college. The services listed below are arranged through the DSPS Department and intended to assist college students with disabilities to more successfully participate in regular college programs and activities. Services and access are based on a verified disability, counselor's recommendations, individual need, and may include the following:

  • Accessible Parking:  For students with an observable disability, DSPS can give a 2 week temporary disabled parking permit. This gives the student the time to apply for a DMV application (disabled). Come to our DSPS office in I4-405 to get a temporary pass or we can do it by mail with proper documentation.
  • Alternate Media for Print - Disability Related:  Students who feel that alternate print media would be a reasonable accommodation related to their disability must first meet with a DSPS counselor to arrange for authorization of appropriate services. Students who are eligible for this service are encouraged to visit the High Tech Center in the Learning Resource Center (LRC) Room 110 to explore the resources available and to determine the most appropriate formats. For more information contact:  619-388-2893.
  • Community Agency Referrals
  • Disability Management Counseling

LD Eligibility Assessment : A learning disability is a permanent (cognitive) disability that affects the manner in which individuals with average to above average intelligence take in, retain, and/or express information. Disability (LD) assessment is provided as a service to eligible Mesa College students.

- Who feel they have a learning disability that has never been identified.

- Have NO history of special education.

- Have no other verified disability enabling them access to DSPS.

- The primary purpose of assessment is to determine if a student is eligible for DSPS services.

- For additional information please call: 619-388-2780 or email

Mobility Orientation

  • NCR Paper for Note Taking
  • Note Taking Assistance
  • Priority Registration
  • Readers (limited)
  • Speech to Text Services
  • Sign Language Interpreting:  San Diego Community College District Interpreting Services Office 619-388-6634 TTY or
  • Non TTY users please call CRS first. (California Relay Service) 1-800-735-2922 24 Hour Hotline
  • DSPS Orientation
  • Test Proctoring
  • Tutoring (limited)
  • WorkAbility III - Job Placement services for students with disabilities
  • Other services available based on individual needs

Computer Access and Assistive Devices

  • Adaptive Computer Software and Hardware (High Tech Center)
  • Voice Recognition and Screen Readers
  • Computer Assisted Learning Support
  • Brailler (loan)
  • Closed Circuit TV
  • Assistive Listening Device
  • Print Magnifier
  • Digital Recorders/Players (loan)
  • Wheelchair Loan

Academic Accommodations and Disability Discrimination Policy

  • AP 3105.1  - Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Administrative Procedure
  • BP 3105  - Academic Accommodations For Students with Disabilities Policy

The San Diego Community College District (SDCCD) is committed to all provisions of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The fundamental principles of nondiscrimination and accommodation in academic programs provide that:

  1. No student with a qualified disability shall, on the basis of the disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefit of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any post-secondary education activity or program; and
  2. Reasonable accommodations to academic activities or requirements shall be made as are necessary to ensure that such requirements do not discriminate or have the effect of discrimination on a student with a qualified disability; and
  3. The institution shall create an educational environment where students with disabilities have equal access to instruction without compromising the essential components of the course, educational program or degree.

SDCCD identifies Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS), or the 504 Officer, as the office to determine academic accommodations under Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act.

The Site Compliance Officer (SCO) is identified as the campus individual to handle all discrimination grievances under the Americans with Disabilities Act of the District's Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Office.

The intent of this policy is to insure compliance with state and federal laws. SDCCD Procedure 3105.1 is intended to provide consistent and fair review of all academic adjustments requests and dispute resolution.

If a student would like to file a formal complaint regarding discrimination on the basis of disability, they should contact the ADA/504 Coordinator, Claudia Perkins ( or 619-388-2699) for more information. Students may also contact the US Department of Education Office for Civil Rights.