1. Mesa College Application and Orientation

All new students must fill out a San Diego Mesa Admissions application Application for Admission.  All new students must complete the San Diego Mesa College New Student Orientation. 

2. DSPS Application

3. DSPS Orientation

An alternative orientation is available, contact the DSPS 619-388-2780 or

4. Verification of Disability

Students are responsible for providing Verification of Disability documentation.  Provide DSPS with a signed Verification of Disability Request form or documentation from one of the following (may include but not limited to):

  • Medical Provider
  • Clinician (Psychiatrist, Psychologist, LCW, MFT)
  • Learning Disability Specialist
  • School District (i.e. IEP)

5.  Service Policy

Students need to read and sign the Service Policy form.

When all your required documents have been received and reviewed by DSPS, you will be contacted to schedule a one hour intake appointment with a counselor.