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Prerequisite Clearance

Prerequisite Clearance

How do I meet a prerequisite?

Prerequisites are processed through the district Records Office. You may contact the Prerequisite Evaluators at (619) 388-6934, or email, or contact your college Counseling Office. You must provide a transcript(s) or grade report(s) to show proof of having the prerequisite coursework. More details can be found at the district website.

In Regards to Class Registration

All prerequisites, co-requisites and limitations on course enrollment as stated in the course descriptions of the college catalog will be strictly enforced at the time of a student's registration.

Students who do not meet the requisite requirements according to the college's records will not be permitted to register for the course.

Students who believe they have met a prerequisite at another institution are strongly advised to have all official transcripts of prior college work and other documentation on file well in advance of registration. This will minimize registration delays.

Students may FAX copies of unofficial transcripts, or grade reports from prior institutions strictly for the purpose of clearing prerequisites prior to registration to the San Diego Community College District, Student Services Office at 619-388-6946

Math and English test scores from California Community Colleges can be faxed to our Testing office at 619-388-2525.