Mesa Journeys



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started at Mesa?

  1. File an application in the Admissions Office or online.
  2. Request official transcripts from other colleges attended.
  3. Once your transcripts have arrived, request that your transcripts be evaluated for course equivalencies.

How can I make an appointment to see a counselor?

Appointments are available year round. Students can call 619-388-2672, come to I4-303, or go online to schedule a counselor appointment beginning at 8am. Appointments are made one week in advance on a first come, first serve basis.

Students are required to meet the following criteria prior to scheduling a counseling appointment:

  1. Must be enrolled in at least one class for the current semester.
  2. Completed one semester.
  3. Completed the Placement Assistant OR an English and math class.
  4. Official transcripts of all colleges attended on file.
  5. Official transcripts must be evaluated for course equivalency (Students must request for an evaluation that can take 30-45 business days to process).

Clearing Prerequisites

Students may FAX copies of unofficial transcripts from prior institutions strictly for the purpose of clearing prerequisites prior to registration to the San Diego Community College District, Student Services Office at 619-388-6946. On the fax cover sheet students must be sure to include the course they are trying to clear the prerequisite for, their name, CSID#, date of birth and a day time phone number.


Come to the Counseling office in I4-303 with your transcripts.

Have my transcripts arrived?

Students may stop by the Records Department, I4-102 to see if transcripts from other colleges have been received.

Have my transcripts been evaluated/posted?

It is the student's responsibility to request that their transcripts be evaluated for degree and transfer applicability. A Counselor or Counseling Support Staff must submit a Request for Transcript Evaluation form which will be forwarded to the Evaluators. Please note that the evaluation process can take 30-45 business days.

Can I see a counselor on a drop-in basis?

Yes, on a first come first serve basis, however, drop-in counseling is limited to answer quick short and brief advisement questions.

How do I schedule an appointment if I am going to use Veteran benefits?

Veteran students receiving benefits can schedule an appointment to meet with a counselor through the Counseling Office in I4-303. Students can call 619-388-2672 for assistance.

I have a general question but I don't live in the area, could I send my question via email?

Yes, you may send your general question to

Our goal is to respond to all email inquiries within 72 hours, however, in some circumstances it may take longer.  There will be a longer delay in our response time during registration periods (November - December and June - July) due to a higher volume of students visiting the Counseling Office.