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Work Experience Steps to Enroll:

NOTE: The Work Experience process has changed from paper to online forms. Students may begin the online Work Experience Application process for Spring 2019, but the Work Experience Coordinator will not approve placements or provide ADD codes until after January 22, 2019. 

Questions? Please contact for more information. 

  1. Student obtains a Work Experience internship placement
  1. Student watches the Work Experience Online Orientation and completes the Orientation Quiz
  1. Student completes the Online Sexual Assault & Harassment Training via Everfi
  • Part 1 only required - Save “Report” as proof of completion
  1. Student completes Work Experience Application
  • Provide placement details
  • Upload copies of completed Orientation Quiz & Sexual Harassment Training
  • Email notification sent to Work Experience Coordinator
  1. Site Supervisor completes (Link provided directly to employer)
  • Email notification sent to Work Experience Coordinator
  1. Work Experience Coordinator reviews submitted forms for accuracy and completion
  1. Once ALL forms are approved, the Work Experience Coordinator sends an email to the student and Work Experience faculty with ADD code, CRN #, class dates, add deadline, and copy of Work Experience Application
  1. Student enrolls in Work Experience course using ADD code and pays tuition

*Student participates in internship & completes required hours*