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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do I need a job or internship before I attend the orientation?

A:  Yes.  You need to have a job or internship before receiving an ADD code.

Q:  Does Work Experience 270 find a job or internship for me?

A:  In most cases, no.  Some program-specific courses, such as Fashion, Interior Design, or GISG, provide a list of potential internship sites from the department or instructor.  Another resource for potential jobs/internships is the Career Center at Mesa in I4-306, or (619) 388-2777. There is an online job board or students:

Q: How do I enroll in Work Experience 270?

A:  Just as for other classes, register through Reg-E. All Work Experience 270 classes are ADD code only.  Students take an Online Orientation, complete an Orientation Quiz and CRN Request, complete the Program Application and submit the Quiz and Program Application to the appropriate instructor. Upon approval, you will receive an ADD code. You may be further required to attend a mandatory instructor orientation.  Your instructor will inform you if he/she is having a short one hour instructor orientation.

Q: Can I enroll after the semester has begun?

A: Yes.  Students can enroll up to the add/drop deadline by following the Work Experience webpage enrollment procedures.

Q: Can Work Experience 270 be taken more than once?

A: Yes.  Students may repeat Work Experience courses up to the lifetime maximum of 16 units.  All types of Occupational Work Experience courses (including program specific 270 courses) are counted in the lifetime maximum credit limit.  Students may enroll in only one (1) Work Experience 270 course per semester.

Q: Does my job or internship have to be paid?

A: No.  Credit can be earned in the program regardless of whether your work is paid or unpaid, as long as you meet the program requirements.

Q: What takes place in the Online Orientation?

A: During the Online Orientation, course requirements and expectations including enrollment procedures will be presented. Learning how to write SMART Learning Objectives will be shown on a short YouTube video that will help the student prepare a required Training Agreement between the workplace, the student and Mesa College.

Q: The semester has begun and I want to change the Work Experience 270 course number of units, what do I do?

A: You will not be able to make number of unit changes after the add/drop deadline.

Q: Can I change jobs during the semester?

A: Yes.  You are allowed to change jobs/internships one time during the semester, and you must coordinate this with your instructor.

Q: If I change jobs, what do I need to do?

A: Notify your instructor when you are going to change jobs.  You will need to get your Work Record signed by your supervisor and both you and your supervisor need to rate your objectives.  A new Student Application and Training Agreement will need to be completed for the new job.  Be sure to record your work hours at the new job on a new Work Record.

Q: Can I use hours from two jobs to meet the minimum required hours?

A: You can use the hours from two jobs, but you must complete forms for both positions.  You cannot turn in hours from a paid and a non-paid position during the same course.

Q: Do I need to work the same number of hours each week?

A: No.  You must meet the minimum required work hours for the course, but the number of hours per shift or per week can vary.

Q: May I count vacation and holiday time as part of my required work hours?

A: If you are NOT working on those days, you cannot record vacation and holiday time toward your required work hours.

Q: Do I need an email account to use in this course?

A: Yes, you should get an email account.  Even though this is not an online course, much of the instructor/student communication is done through email.  If you do not have a computer at home, you can use the computers in the LRC or Public Library to check your email.  You can establish a free email account through a number of providers including:

Q: I need to make changes to the objectives on the Training Agreement after the first site visit.  What do I do?

A: Discuss the changes with your supervisor and contact your instructor immediately.

Q: Are there special guidelines for International Students?

A: International Students should attend the Practical Training Workshop prior to enrolling in any Work Experience course.  Contact the International Student Advisor at (619) 388-2672 for more information

Q: What must I do if I need to drop the course?

A: Notify your instructor that you will be dropping the course.  The instructor will work with you to resolve problems, if possible.  If you decide to drop the course, it is your responsibility to initiate and complete the withdrawal procedure.

If you need additional information, contact the Dean, School Health Sciences/Public Service at (619) 388-2789.