The Harvest of the Three Sisters Garden at Mesa’s Organic Garden on November 20

The Green Garden on the Mesa celebrates fall with the Harvesting of the Three Sisters Garden on Friday November 20, 2 to 5 p.m. The college’s organic garden was originally planted in March 2009 by Mesa College students and faculty. On harvest day, individuals from the campus and community will come together and learn about sustainable practices while creating environmental and cultural awareness.

The “Three Sisters” (corn, beans, and squash) have been planted by traditional Native American gardeners in many different regions of North America. The garden forms an ecosystem by creating a community of plants and animals. This system creates a beneficial relationship between the three plants-- each plant helps the others grow.

Participants will also learn how to cook typical dishes using the harvested crop from a local youth group from the San Diego’s County American Indian Health Center.

Mesa College has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. The harvesting of the Three Sisters garden is only one of the many events from the Eco Awareness Series, taking place at Mesa College.