San Diego for Artic explorer Robert Swan to Speak at San Diego Mesa College

Robert Swan, polar explorer, environmental leader and the first person ever to have walked to the North and South poles, makes a stop at San Diego Mesa College to talk to students about environmental awareness on Tuesday, May 6.

The Mesa College Environmental Stewardship Committee is hosting the popular scientist and lecture as part of the spring Biology Lecture Series.

After experiencing global warming firsthand, Swan has dedicated his life to increasing public awareness and promoting environmental preservation. The stop at Mesa College is the final of three stops in San Diego for Swan, who was in town to his launch his Voyage for Cleaner Energy. The five-year worldwide lecture series and sailing expedition that includes stops in the U.S., Europe and Asia was launched this month on the west coast of American and will finish in Asia at the 2012 World Summit for Sustainable Development.

Mesa College student Nathan Nowak will join the crew for part of his journey.