Professors Leslie Seiger and Paul Detwiler are pleased to present the Mesa GreenFEST

All presentations are in G101 on Tue/Weds from 4-6:15 pm (program is repeated on Weds) On each date, the Bottled Water Taste-off will give students the opportunity to taste and compare a flight of bottled water brands in a blind tasting.
Cupcakes provided!

Feb. 14, 15 Film: Bag It. Is your life too plastic?
Bag It chronicles the global production, use and disposal of plastic bags and other plastics, documenting the environmental consequences of these products.
Contest Kickoffs:

  • 30-Second Film Contest: Create an online video with an environmental message (Guidelines provided)
  • Chandelier Challenge: Fabricate a functional chandelier made from plastic water bottles
  • (Re)purpose Fashion Fair: Make a reusable shopping bag/accessory from recycled materials or fabrics for auction, with proceeds donated to environmental causes

March 6, 7 Film: Flow
Watch and learn how multinational corporations have been working to privatize public water resources in developing countries. Participate in a discussion about the geopolitical role of corporations in local economies. Also showing: Our Synthetic Sea.

March 27, 28 Film: Tapped
Watch and see how the bottled water industry has distorted science to manufacture global demand for a free resource. Discuss how plastic recycling works/doesn't work in San Diego. Deadline for contest submissions.

April 17, 18 Film: Los Laureles Canyon: Research in Action
Watch and hear a speaker from the UCSD Sustainability Solutions Institute discuss ways students can become involved in environmental solutions at Mesa and beyond. CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED. Celebrate the winners of the film and chandelier contests, and make your bids in a silent auction of Fashion Fair items.

GreenFEST is funded by a grant from the Mesa Humanities Institute and support from the Environmental Stewardship Committee.