Mesa College faculty panelists examine controversial theories and current battles

Constitutional Controversy

Mesa College faculty panelists examine controversial theories and current battles.

San Diego Mesa College celebrates Constitution Day all week long with Constitution Displays at the Learning Resource Center (LRC) lobby and at the bookstore. On Thursday, September 16, in G-101, faculty panelists will present a brief historical overview of the states’ rights position in the political and constitutional history of the US, examining how controversy over this theory of government drove the United States into civil war 150 years ago.

Panelists include Professors Jonathan McLeod (History), Michelle Rodriguez (Political Science), and Manuel Velez (Chicano Studies).

The panel will also discuss subsequent constitutional battles over the federal governments efforts to apply the Fourteenth Amendment (1868) in law and opponents appeals to the sovereign rights of states. The conflict over just how far the authority of the federal government extends in law, and the competing interests of the states respectively in having relative political autonomy continue to embroil national politics, while influencing the quality of our daily lives. Cases in point include struggles over national health care, environmental regulation, education policy, civil rights protections, and immigration policy.

All events are free of charge and open to the public. For information, call 619-388-2699.