Art exhibition "Expanding-Eel Devourer" closes with premiere of collaborative modern Polynesian opera

Artist Alexander Lee collaborates with composer Keith Moore, singer and musicologist Juliana Snapper, and Polynesian dancers on the closing night of his exhibition at Mesa College to present a unique, collaborative project bringing together music, dance and art of the South Pacific.

The grand finale of the EXPANDING-EEL-DEVOURER exhibition is a "modern opera" that expands on the Polynesian theme incorporating the culture of the island of Hawai'i.  The premiere of this original performance is a new chapter in artist Alexander Lee and composer Keith Moore's collaborative project THE GREAT FISH CHANGING SKIES, an intriguing sequel to their exploration of the Tahitian creation myth.

The performance will feature music by composer Moore and performances by the artist and the dance group Halau Hula 'O Malulani led by Hula Kapena Malulani Perez and Kumu A'o Ann Parker.

The composition weaves Lee and Moore's larger project of THE GREAT FISH CHANGING SKIES with Halau Hula `O Malulani 's performance of the Hula of Ancient Hawai'i.  Powerful, graceful and engaging, the dance company will offer a rare look into hula kahiko, the ancient dance of Hawai'i.  Using authentic instruments, chants and dance, the performance is in striking contrast with much of what has been popularized as Hawaiian, revealing instead, the simplicity, natural dignity, and diversity, of Hawai'i itself.

Lee's latest installation, Expanding-Eel-Devourer, with its constellation murals and volcanic landscape will serve as a stage and a backdrop where Moore will premiere compositions based on his recent research on sound and water (what he calls hydrophonics), incorporating material by underwater performer Juliana Snapper, a trained opera singer with an undulating voice.

 Past collaborations between Alexander Lee and Keith Moore include Drawing Recitations from the Great Fish Changing Skies, at Kinkead Contemporary, Los Angeles, 2009, a video and sound piece titled Forever Young, which was presented at the Merce Cunningham studio in 2004, and Overtime (2001), at the Electronic Music Center, Columbia University, New York.

 The performance is free and open to the public. Tours of the exhibit are available during gallery hours: Monday through Thursday from noon to 4 pm.  Visitors may schedule appointment to view exhibits at times when the gallery is closed. Call 619-388-2829 or visit