Mesa and Uber Make Your Commute Easier



Mesa and Uber Make Your Commute Easier
Mesa & UBER

Mesa and UBER
Make Your Commute Easier

Enter code uberPOOLMesa for your first free uberPOOL up to $15

Many Mesa students already get to campus by using many different transportation modes. Mesa recently partnered with Uber to give you another affordable commuter option and reduce the stress that comes along with finding parking and driving in traffic. uberPOOL is the carpool option on Uber - the cheapest ride available. uberPOOL dynamically matches you with someone along a similar route. You share the ride and essentially split the cost (Up to 40% cheaper than uberX).

How It Works

Can I try uberPOOL for free?

Yes! If you have never taken an uberPOOL before, simply open your Uber app, tap the left menu and enter the code “uberPOOLMesa” into the “Promotions” box. Your first uberPOOL ride will be free up to $15! This offer expires 12/17/16.

Where is the best place to get picked up on campus?

You’ll notice when you open the Uber app on campus that there are (4) designated uberPOOL curbside pickups for a seamless experience!

  • Student Services Building 
  • Flag Pole
  • Mesa Commons
  • Campus Police

Note: Request your ride once you’re ready to go at one of the four locations above. Your car will meet you at one of these dedicated zones

Where is the best place to get dropped off on campus?

You can enter “San Diego Mesa College” as your destination in the Uber app and direct your driver to drop you off at one of the (4) pickup locations listed above.