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Mesa Pathways

Why Pathways?

What problem are we trying to solve?

"The educational path for students at Mesa is often too long, inequitable, confusing and costly."
Guided Pathways Problem Statement created by the Pathways Committee and Work Groups

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How are we trying to solve the problem?

Mesa Pathways will provide clarity and support, while ensuring that stages of the educational path for students at Mesa College will more efficient, more equitable, less confusing and cost effective by

  • Frequently remind ourselves and recapture the essential purpose of educationto prepare students for success by equipping and ensuring every learner develops the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences necessary for educational, career, and life success.
  • Providing opportunities for everyone to participate in the development of meaningful educational, career, and life development to allow them to find their personal fit and open the door of opportunities for them to flourish.
  • Constructing a variety of meaningful, engaging, and relevant Mesa Pathway programs so our students can explore their education, career, and life interests.
  • Continuously striving to make our classroom experiences engaging and active by applying dynamic and experiential teaching and learning strategies.
  • Actively engage and invite our community through employers and organizations to participate in our Mesa Pathways programs so our students get to actively participate and develop a meaningful understanding and appreciation of the expectations of the workplace and community.

We will develop, foster, and maintain sustainable collaborations among and between key community partners (colleges and universities, employers, organizations, and workforce) to provide the greatest opportunities for our students to achieve their educational, career, and life goals.

  • Clarifying their educational pathways
  • Redesigning how students enter our college
  • Providing necessary and needed supports to help students stay on their path
  • Deliver a rich educational experience that ensure students are learning and prepared

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