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On-Boarding & Career Exploration


  1. Align organization structures and resources to support student career preparation and exploration as an integral aspect of learning.
  2. Investigate technological access to career exploration software including electronic resources and databases for career exploration that facilitates student career exploration
  3. Establish a community of practice between student services and instruction focusing on career exploration.
  4. Review gap analysis regarding career exploration and services.
  5. Explore ways to integrate work-based learning in the student experience
  6. Strengthen Counselor liaisons to instruction programs
  7. Develop training to increase Personal Growth 130 courses; focus on career and life planning
  8. Build dialog in improving career exploration with feeder high schools
  9. Investigate career exploration activities / assignments that instructional faculty may choose to incorporate in their classroom. Build a system to support faculty in assisting career guidance and majors with students.


  1. Creation of a strategic implementation plan focused on majors and career exploration which includes both instruction and student services
  2. A concrete and accessible “interface” for students who can access information at their convenience
  3. Creation and scheduling of one-unit courses on career industry exploration within a program of study
  4. Increase the offerings of Personal Growth130 courses.
  5. Build stronger ties between Counseling Faculty and Instruction to better support the varied student needs with in the programs
  6. Increase understanding of suggested sequence course-taking patterns through the lens of instruction in order to support student education planning and for instructional faculty to understand scheduling challenges faced by students from counseling faculty
  7. Strengthen dissemination of information to students regarding skill development in each of the college’s programs.

Meeting Times:

Meetings are being held virtually until further notice.

Meeting Dates:

Fall Semester 2019 Spring Semester 2020

  • September 4 & 18
  • October 2 & 16
  • November 6 & 20
  • December 4

  • January 28
  • February 11
  • March 10
  • April 14 & 28

Agendas & Meeting Notes:

Spring Semester 2020


Name Title Department / Program / Affiliations
Claudia Estrada-Howell
Supervisor Career, Transfer and Evaluations Center
Shawn Fawcett (Co-Chair) Faculty Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Agustin Rivera Classified Professional AVANZA, CRUISE, Peer Navigator Program
Alicia Lopez Classified Professional Senior Student Services Assistant
Amy Bettinger Classified Professional SSSP/Assessment and Placement
Amy Woods Faculty Nutrition
Charlie Lieu Classified Professional College Technical Analyst
Duane Wesley Faculty Computer & Information Sciences
Dulce Carolina Lopez Classified Professional Admissions
Joel Arias Classified Professional Web Design & Development
John Crocitti Faculty History
Juan Bernal Faculty Mathematics
Karla Trutna Supervisor Outreach Coordinator and Assessment Supervisor
Kim Mills Faculty Allied Health - RadTech
Kris Secor Faculty Web Development
Leroy Johnson Faculty, Department Chair Counseling
Linda Hensley Dean Humanities
Moe Ebrahimi Faculty Mathematics
Monica Romero Associate Dean Career Technical Education
Olivia Picolla Classified Professional Student Services Technician
Pavel Consuegra Faculty Internship Coordinator
Rachel Russell Faculty Geographic Information Systems
Raquel Aparacio Supervisor Admissions Supervisor
Raquel Sojourner Faculty Counseling/Career Coordinator
Sharon Hughes Faculty Accelerated College Program
Toni Parsons Faculty Mathematics, GP Co-Coordinator

Additional Information: