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Guided Majors & Mapping


  1. Work with the district to decide on CCCMyPath or an expansion of Mesa Journeys
  2. Explore the development of “meta-majors” through organized, campus-wide dialogue
  3. Explore current Mesa College instruments intended to help students choose majors and assess their effectiveness.
  4. Increase student participation in the inquiry team by actively recruiting students to join the group and by developing methods to received and record student-input/ideas.


  1. Clearer choices for students; no un-offered courses; more effective catalog.
  2. Create more points of contact/support for student services on campus; free up time for counselors to focus on their areas of expertise; reach more students; allow us to focus on important skills sets, not just careers; one more way to promote guided career exploration.
  3. Clearer picture for students; increased faculty/student knowledge; more specific and informed recourse requests, better informed enrollment management, Students will have direct access to information that is vital to their success. Such information will be presented in concise but effect means to empower our students to achieve their academic goals more effectively.

Meeting Times:

Meeting are being held virtually until further notice.

Meeting Dates:

Fall Semester 2019 Spring Semester 2020
  • November 1
  • November 15
  • December 6
  • February 7 & 21
  • March 6
  • April 17
  • May 1, 15, & 29

Agendas & Meeting Notes:

Fall Semester 2019 Spring Semester 2020


Name Title Department / Program / Affiliations
Ian Duckles (Co-Chair) Faculty Philosophy
Cynthia Rico (Co-Chair) Faculty Counseling
Ailson Mona Classified Professional Office Dean of Allied Health
Alicia Lopez Classified Professional Career, Transfer and Evaluations Center
Alison Primoza Faculty Languages
Alison Steinberg Faculty Librarian
Bruce Naschak Faculty Humanities
Candance Katungi Faculty Black Studies
Claudia Estrada-Howell Supervisor Career, Transfer and Evaluations Center
Claudia Perkins Faculty Student Rights and Responsibilities
Craig Cavanaugh Faculty Chemistry
Dina Miyoshi Faculty Psychology
Donna Cecil Faculty Child Development
Helen Greenbergs Faculty Psychology
Holly Jagielinski Faculty Allied Health
Howard Eskew Faculty Business
Jay Van Kirk Faculty Psychology
Leroy Johnson Faculty Counseling
John Crocitti Faculty History
Katlin Choi Faculty Work-Based Learning
Kristan Clark Faculty Drama
Manuel Velez Faculty Chicano Studies
Mariette Rattner Faculty Business
Mary Gwin Faculty Philosophy
Michael Harrison Faculty Languages
Ngoc Tran Faculty Mathematics
Olivia Picolla Classified Professional Career, Transfer and Evaluations Center
Paula Gustin Faculty Chemistry
Rayan Mongelluzzo Faculty Anthropology
Shawn Fawcett Faculty Work-Based Learning
Terrence Hale Faculty Counseling
Thekima Mayasa Faculty Black Studies
Tina Recalde Dean Allied Health
Uriel Ornelas Faculty Languages

Additional Information: