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Mesa Pathways

The goal of Mesa Pathways is to provide our diverse student population with clear direction, strong support, and well developed roadmaps to achieving their educational, career, and life goals --- from the moment of their decision to come to Mesa College until the time they reach their goals. Some will earn a certificate and /or degree, others will transfer, some come for professional development and career advancement while still others come for the love of learning.

Message from the President

Watch this short video about Pathways from our colleagues and students throughout the California Community College system and how it positively impacts our students educational, career, and life goals.

Mesa Pathways helps students by:

  • Providing them with intentional exploration of academic options, allowing them to make informed choices about their majors and careers.
  • Eliminating uncertainty about requirements, reducing their chances of taking excess units.
  • Delivering strong academic support and remediation to those who may need this in order to be best prepared to succeed in college level courses.
  • Committing to solid student support services that help students meet their requirements for basic needs in order to provide an equitable environment for all of our Mesa community.
  • Cheering on student successes and providing extra support when they encounter obstacles.

Mesa Pathways is equity-driven and student centered, so that we can best help all students along all stages of their educational journey.

Listen to Dr. Rob Johnstone share how equity is at the heart of our Mesa Pathways efforts.

Mesa Pathways includes:

  • On-boarding processes that all help students enter college easily.
  • Intake processes that assists and encourages students to explore academic and career options.
  • Maps of programs of study, detailing a suggested order of courses to take each semester to complete a degree or certificate.
  • Employment and salary information concerning careers and further education goals that may result from those degrees and certificates.
  • Course sequences that support student schedules enabling them to achieve their goals quickly.
  • Embedded counseling and academic support provided throughout a student's educational journey.