Psychological Disability

A Psychological disability is defined as a persistent psychological or psychiatric disorder, emotional or mental illness that adversely affects educational performance.

A Psychological disability is a condition which:

  1. Is listed in the most current American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), and
  2. Is coded on Axis I or II as moderate to severe,
  3. Reflects a psychiatric or psychological condition that interferes with a major life activity, and
  4. Poses a functional limitation in the educational setting.
  5. Recovering drug and alcohol abusers are considered as having a psychological disability as long as they are in or have completed a recovery program and meet all other conditions for this disability category.

Eligibility For Services

A psychological disability can be verified by a licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist, a licensed medical doctor, a licensed Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor, or a licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Verification documents should include the DSM and/or ICD disorder code or the name of the disorder plus description of the condition as moderate to severe.