Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

ABI is defined as an acquired brain impairment caused by external or internal trauma resulting in total or partial functional limitations that adversely affects or limits a student's educational performance by impairing:

  • Cognition, information processing, reasoning, abstract thinking, judgment and/or problem solving,
  • Language and/or speech,
  • Memory and/or attention,
  • Sensory, perceptual and/or motor abilities,
  • Psycho social behavior, or
  • Physical functions.

ABI does not apply to functional limitations resulting from brain trauma induced by birth, present at birth or which is progressive and/or degenerative in nature.

Eligibility For Services:

This disability can be verified by a licensed professional such as a psychologist, neuropsychologist, or physician, or by the documentation of a referring agency if its verification is done by a licensed professional as indicated above.