Staff Directory

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Last Name First Name Department Position Office Phone
Erlenbusch Adam Counseling Counselor I4-303 619-388-2663
Dines Adrienne Aeria Counseling Counselor, International Students I4-303 619-388-2888
Crakes Ailene Counseling Counseling Chair I4-303 619-388-2720
Winston Akunna Business Business MS-222A 619-388-2276
Bass Alan Mathematics Mathematics MS 215L 619-388-2378
Moctezuma Alessandra Art Art, Art Gallery Director G-247 619-388-2231
Saballett Alfonso Multimedia Multimedia/Computer Business Technology G-224 619-388-2270
Primoza Alison Languages | Spanish Languages G-239 619-388-2351
Damoose Alison Mathematics Mathematics, Asst. Chair MS 215D 619-388-2387
Gurganus Alison Steinberg Library | Learning Resource Center Librarian, Online Services/Instruction LRC 459 619-388-2938
Fusco Amanda Chemistry Chemistry MS-415B 619-388-5893
Cunningham Amy Psychology Psychology SB-311J 619-388-2331
Fuentes Ana Facilities Services Facilities Services 619-388-2814
Brahmbhatt Anar Biology Biology, Assistant Chair MS 315K 619-388-2273
Hoffman Andrew J. English English G-334 619-388-2367
Geller Anne Biology Biology MS 315H 619-388-2426
Reuss Anthony Counseling | Testing Center Counselor I4-303 619-388-2674
Chun Aulani Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education L-114B 619-388-2453
Sexton Barbara Art Art G-241 619-388-2330
Buchanan Barbara American Sign Language American Sign Language, Chair G-234 619-388-2923
Young Barbara Financial Aid Clerical Assistant I4-107 619-388-2817
Arnold Becca Business Economics MS-222C 619-388-2251
Weaver Benjamin F. Counseling Counselor I4-303 619-388-2668
ZoBell Bonnie English English G-315 619-388-2321
Rosecliffe Bonnie English English G-316 619-388-2307
Naschak Bruce Stephen English English G-314 619-388-2309
Luna Carl Accelerated College Program Political Science MS 415O 619-388-2348
Orona Celia English English/EOSL G-346 619-388-2326
Lopez Cesar Chicano Studies Chicano Studies, Chair G-103C 619-388-2368
Sullivan Chris School of Humanities English G-336 619-388-2310
Allred Christie English English/ESL G-307 619-388-2360
Balderas Christine Allied Health Acad. Coord. Of Clinical Educ. S-321 619-388-2839
DuPraw Christine M. Consumer and Family Studies | Nutrition Nutrition, Chair S-309 619-388-2208
Kalck Christopher Counseling Counselor I4-303 619-388-2672
Foster Bollman Christy Radiologic Technology | Allied Health Radiologic Technology, Clinical Coordinator S-319 619-388-2283
Mona Claude Physical Sciences Physical Sciences MS 115M 619-388-5823
Renda Connie Health Information Technology | Allied Health Health Information Technology Director S-308 619-388-2606
Rico Cynthia Counseling Counselor I4-303 619-388-2471
Lauria Danielle Medical Assisting | Allied Health Medical Assisting, Program Director S317 619-388-2267
Cooper Darius English English G-335 619-388-2365
Stoll Dawn DSPS DSPS Counselor I4-405 619-388-2780
Rogers Denise Art Fine Art G-247 619-388-2371
Milner Devin Library | Learning Resource Center Library Chair, Collection Development/Audiovisual LRC-445 619-388-2547
Miyoshi Dina Behavioral Science | Psychology Psychology SB-305F 619-388-2289
Barrie Donald Physical Sciences Physical Sciences, Chair MS 115J 619-388-2942
Abbott Donald R. Social Sciences | History Social Sciences SB-311O 619-388-2404
Budzynski Donna Chemistry Chemistry MS 415J 619-388-2887
Duchow Donna English English G-304 619-388-2305
Schoenbrun- Fernandez Dora Languages | Spanish Spanish, Co-Chair of International Education G-237 619-388-2228
Gergens Dwayne Chemistry Chemistry MS 415F 619-388-2609
Furrow Dwight Philosophy | Social Sciences Philosophy SB-311M 619-388-2404
Alexander Edward Chemistry | Bridges to the Baccalaureate Chemistry MS415H 619-388-2618
Helscher Edward M. Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education (Basketball) I-216 619-388-2274
Fields Edwin Accelerated College Program Accelerated College Program MS 415Q 619-388-5824
Barrington Elizabeth Athletics Health Education I-210 619-388-2664
Hueneberg Elizabeth Communication Studies Speech G-209 619-388-2301
Chu Elizabeth Dietetic Service Supervisor | Nutrition Nutrition/ DSS Director S-315 619-388-2209
Kay Emily Web Development Web Development MS-315Q 619-388-5891
Higginbotham Erika DSPS DSPS Counselor/HTC Instructor LRC-110 619 388 2783
Adelson Evan Behavioral Science | Sociology Behavioral Science, Asst. Chair SB-305D 619-388-2291
Zand Farshid V. Chemistry Chemistry MS 415N 619-388-2784
Rascon Francisca Languages | Spanish Spanish G-217 619-388-2355
Marquez Francisco Javier Mathematics Mathematics MS 215M 619-388-2380
Adona Gabriel Counseling Counselor I4-303 619-388-2537
Svoboda George Music Music, Chair C-212 619-388-2216
Laris Georgia Art Art G-243 619-388-2202
Abbiate Gina Mathematics Math MS215K 619-388-2393
Gonzalez Guadalupe Counseling Counselor, MAAP I4-303 619-388-2758
Marrujo Guillermo Counseling Counselor I4-303 619-388-2420
Padilla Barajas Hannah Languages | Spanish Spanish G-231 619-388-5722
Greenbergs Helen Psychology Psychology SB-305I 619-388-2288
Browne Henry Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education (Football) L-101G 619-388-5787
Hodnick Holly Interior Design | Architecture/Environmental Design Interior Design, NKBA Program Coordinator Z-206 619-388-2941
Eskew Howard Business Business G-226 619-388-5957
Kay Ian Architecture | Architecture/Environmental Design Architecture, Co-Chair Z-213 619-388-2260
Stark Ida Athletics Physical Education L-101 619-388-2737
Korneitchouk Igor Music Music C-214 619-388-2219
Kanevsky Inna Behavioral Science | Psychology Psychology SB-305N 619-388-2329
Arguelles Isaac DSPS DSPS Counselor I4-405 619-388-2780
Dawes J. Chris Biology Biology MS 315T 619-388-2427
Doherty Jack College Police Police, Lieutenant J-202 619-388-2749
Brill Jack A. Administrative Services Quality Assurance Technology
Lee Jaeryoung Music Music C-213 619-388-2218
Romeo James Music Music C-214 619-388-2217
Harter James Mathematics Mathematics MS 215Q 619-388-2379
Ellis Jan Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education, Chair L-101A 619-388-2428
Ellis Jan Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education, Chair L-101A 619-388-2428
Clymer Janice Biology Biology MS 315F 619-388-2785
Shigehara Janice Consumer and Nutrition Studies Nutrition B-107B 619-388-2211
Braun Janna Journalism Journalism G-310 619-388-2338
Collins Jarred Accelerated College Program Accelerated College Program, Chair MS 415T 619-388-2384
Van Kirk Jaye Behavioral Science | Psychology Psychology SB-305M 619-388-2290
Berry Jeff Languages | Spanish Languages, Co-Chair G-219 619-388-2342
Carmichael Jennifer Biology Biology MS315L 619-388-5887
Sime Jennifer Anthropology Anthropology SB-305E 619-388-5906
Cost Jennifer English English, Chair G-306 619-388-2363
Simley Jennifer Athletics Physical Education L-101 619-388-2606
Milburn Jerry A. Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education L-101F 619-388-2433
Szyndlar Jerzy Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education L-114C 619-388-2444
Moreno Ikari Jill English English G-301 619-388-2345
Jansen Jill DSPS Coordinator, Counselor, LD Specialist I4-405 619-388-2780
Fegan Jim Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education L-101B 619-388-2452
Corliss Jodi Bridges to the Baccalaureate Program Coordinator, Bridges Program B-107F 619-388-2895
Avorh John Political Science | Social Sciences Political Science SB-311E 619-388-2410
Crocitti John Social Sciences | History Social Sciences, Chair SB-311C 619-388-2417
Gregg John English English, Asst. Chair G-309 619-388-2317
Landicho John Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education (Volleyball) M-101 858-518-5240
McLeod Jonathan Social Sciences | History Social Sciences SB-311Q 619-388-2403
Toto Joseph Chemistry Chemistry MS 415M 619-388-2637
McKenzie Joseph Accelerated College Program Political Science MS 415P 619-388-2350
Safdie Joseph English English G-248 619-388-2332
Halcott Joseph American Sign Language American Sign Language G-325 619-388-2730
Schanberger Joseph A. Accelerated College Program Accelerated College Program MS 215X 619-388-2337
Toth Juan Carlos Multimedia | Computer Business Technology Computer Business Technology/Multimedia G-214 619-388-2238
Sundayo Judy Counseling Counselor, TAG I4-303 619-388- 2793
Parker Juliette Articulation Articulation Officer J-107 619-388-2639
Estep Justin Psychology Psychology SB-311L 619-388-2325
Geida Karen EOPS EOPS Counselor/CARE Coordinator I4-309 619-388-2706
Owen Karen Computer Business Technology | Multimedia Digital Technology, Chair G-319 619-388-2235
Schneiter-Williams Karen Computer Business Technology Computer Business Technology, Chair G-324 619-388-2236
Parker Kari B. Counseling Counselor I4-303 388-2673
Holton Katie Communication Studies Speech G-211 619-388-2280
Kuniyuki Ken Mathematics Mathematics MS 215P 619-388-2396
Berger Kenneth Geography | Social Sciences Geography SB-110D 619-388-2406
Hazlett Kevin Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education(Baseball) I-201 619-388-5804
Krown Kevin Biology Biology MS 315O 619-388-2423
Perigo Kim Communication Studies Speech G-212 619-388-5721
Lester Kim Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education (Women's Volleyball) L-101E 619-388-2275
Pogue-Cely Kirsten Counseling Counselor I4-303 619-388-5977
Clark Kristan Dramatic Arts Drama, Chair G-317 619-388-2650
Carson Kristina Counseling MAAP, Counselor I4-303 619-388-2672
Howard Laleh Shojania Mathematics Mathematics MS 215J 619-388-2398
Horsman Larry Building Construction Technology | Architecture/Environmental Design Building Construction Technology Z-203 619-388-2261
Mathis Laura Counseling Counselor/High School MET I4-303 619-388-2533
Creswell Laura Accelerated College Program Accelerated College Program MS 415R 619-388-2346
Wade Lauren Accounting | Business Accounting G-223 619-388-5954
Lorence Laurie English | Teacher Education English G-331 619-388-2374
Black Laurie Athletics | Athletic Training Physical Education, Athletic Training L-505 619-388-2421
Bingham Leela Languages | Spanish Languages, Chair G-235 619-388-2361
Johnson Leroy Transfer Center | Counseling Transfer Center Coordinator; Counselor/Veterans I4-303 619-388-2834
Cloud Leslie Computer Business Technology Computer Business Technology G-302 619-388-2233
Seiger Leslie Biology Biology, Chair MS 315P 619-388-2425
Saline-Styles Leslie English | American Sign Language ESOL G-328 619-388-5824
Lopez Leticia Languages | Spanish Languages, SEEDS Co-Director, Title V Prof.Dev. Coordinator G-238 619-388-2353
Farnan Linda Communication Studies Speech Communications/Co- Director, Speech and Deb G-204 619-388-2281
Shapiro Lisa Business Business G-228 619-388-5955
Williams Lisa Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education L-114A 619-388-2442
Gibson Lou Ann Child Development | Consumer and Family Studies Consumer Studies S-313 619-388-2201
Bautista Manny Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education L-101K 619-388-2437
Velez Manuel Chicano Studies Chicano Studies G-103C 619-388-2375
Fickess Margaret Dental Assisting | Allied Health Dental Assisting S314 619-388-2245
Magana Marichu STAR STAR TRIO Director I4-308 619-388-2481
Rattner Mariette Business | Marketing Business G-227 619-388-2248
Schenk Marilynn English English G-329 619-388-2306
Lara Mario F. Art Art/Drama, Co-Chair G-245 619-388-2237
Abajian Mark Business | Marketing Business G-225 619-388-2432
Teegarden Mary Therese Mathematics Mathematics, Chair MS 215E 619-388-2399
Feori Meegan Fashion Fashion B-106H 619-388-5915
Kumar Meera English English G-343 619-388-2312
Harrison Michael Languages | Spanish Languages G-232 619-388-2203
Sanchez Michael Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education I-209 619-388-2614
Brown Michael Mathematics Mathematics MS 215O 619-388-2383
Crivello Michael Physical Sciences Physical Sciences MS 115L 619-388-2653
Temple Michael Counseling Counselor I4-303 619-388-2536
Goldstein Michael Physical Sciences Physical Sciences MS 115D 619-388-2665
Fitzgerald Michael Hospitality Culinary Arts G-322 619 388 2240
Ornelas Michael R. Chicano Studies Chicano Studies G-103E 619-388-2266
Rodriguez Michelle Political Science | Social Sciences Political Science SB-311K 619-388-2716
Parsons Michelle Mathematics Mathematics MS 215N 619-388-2394
Hamanaka-Holden Miyoko Languages | Japanese Japanese G-221 619-388-2324
Ramstrum Momilani Music Music C-215 619-388-2220
Mohssenzadeh Morteza Physical Sciences Engineering MS 115A 619-388-5822
Robinson N. Scott Music Music C-210G 619-388-5956
Kesinger Nancee English English G-344 619-388-2303
Bromma Nancy Health Services Nurse Practitioner (Restricted) I4-211
Bray Nancy Mathematics Mathematics MS 215Y 619-388-2892
Resch Nathan Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education
Betschart Nathan Art Art/Drama, Co-Chair G-240 619-388-2204
Dougherty Nellie EOPS Acting Director/EOPS Counselor I4-309 619-388-2706
Tran Ngoc (Kim) Mathematics Mathematics MS 215C 619-388-2392
Judd Nicole EOPS Senior Clerical Assistant I4-309 619-388-2706
Rosenstand Nina Philosophy | Social Sciences Philosophy SB-311P 619-388-2407
Mendoza Patricia R. Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education (Softball) L-101D 619-388-2431
Zabaleta Patxi Languages | Spanish Spanish, Language Lab Director LRC-231 619-388-2585
Sykes Paul Biology Biology MS 315U 619-388-2616
Adams Paul Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education I-211 619-388-2419
Hjorth-Gustin Paula Chemistry Chemistry MS 415L 619-388-2850
Olvera Pedro None Department Chair/EOPS Director I4-309 619-388-2706
Fischer Peggy Animal Health Technology | Allied Health Animal Health Technology, Program Director P-300 619-388-2832
Meckstroth Phyllis Mathematics Mathematics MS 215H 619-388-2386
Pianta English English G-308 619-388-2311
Gambill Randall Financial Aid Student Assistance Tech I4-107 619-388-2817
Kottel Randall H. Biology Biology MS 315S 619-388-2760
De Leon Raul Languages | Spanish Languages G-218 619-388-2322
Chagnon Richard Music Music C-216 619-388-2221
Cassoni Rick Computer and Information Science Computer Science MS-315D 619-388-5024
Fender Rob Architecture | Architecture/Environmental Design Architecture Z-215 619-388-2263
Pickford Robert English English G-204 619-388-5524
Sanchez Robert J. Art Art G-246 619-388-2344
Fremland Robert J. Chemistry Chemistry, Chair MS 415K 619-388-2422
Olson Roger Library | Learning Resource Center Librarian, Systems/Technical Services LRC-226 619-388-2548
Ryno Ron Behavioral Science | Sociology Sociology SB-305K 619-388-2292
Israel Ron English English G-332 619-388-2314
Sandvick Ronald Mathematics Mathematics MS 215B 619-388-2389
Edmundson Ronn English English G-345 619-388-2318
Salazar Rosie Athletics Physical Education L-101 619-388-2737
Mongelluzzo Ryan Anthropology Anthropology SB-311H
Saidane Saloua Chemistry Chemistry MS 415D 619-388-5821
Belew Sandra Mathematics Mathematics MS 215F 619-388-2385
Starbuck Scott English English G-303 619-388-2364
Wong Seung-Kai Physical Sciences Physical Sciences MS 115H 619-388-2252
Parvini Sharokh Mathematics Mathematics MS 215R 619-388-2395
Hughes Sharon Accelerated College Program Accelerated College Program MS 415S 619-388-2397
Flor Shirley Counseling Counselor, Testing Coordinator I4-303 619-388-2986
Hunt Socorro Cazares Mathematics Mathematics MS 215T 619-388-2662
Frisch Sondra President's Office Professor/Site Compliance Officer G-305 619-388-2989
Siegel Steven Physical Sciences Physical Sciences MS 115I 619-388-2629
Debchaudhury Sudata Social Sciences | History Social Sciences SB-311R 619-388-2418
Lazear Susan Fashion Fashion B-106D 619-388-2205
Narayanan Susheela Child Development Child Development S-316 619-388-2447
Khambata Suzanne Health Services Health Services Director / Site Compliance Officer I4-211 619-388-2774
Kravatz Tanya Behavioral Science | Sociology Sociology SB-305L 619-388-2358
Kohlenberg Terry Communication Studies Communication Studies G-210 619-388-2279
Mayasa Thekima D. Black Studies Black Studies, Chair G-103B 619-388-2352
Fischer Tim Physical Education | Athletic Training Physical Education, Athletic Training L-505 619-388-2421
Recalde Tina Physical Therapist Assistant | Allied Health Assistant Professor/Program Director S-315 619-388-2229
Curran Todd Physical Education | Athletics Physical Education (Women's Soccer) L-101C 619-388-2430
Teegarden Tom T. Mathematics Mathematics MS 215E 619-388-2391
Walker Tracey English English G-337 619-388-2313
Tuttle Tracy Business | Accounting Business, Chair G-222 619-388-2247
Ornelas Uriel Languages | French Languages, Co-Chair of International Education G-231 619-388-2357
Silverman Vilma Languages | Spanish Spanish G-236 619-388-2357
Sanchez- Bernardy Virginia Languages | Spanish Spanish G-220 619-388-2359
Wesley Walter Duane Computer Science | Computer and Information Science Computer Science, Chair S-312 619-388-2234
Ray Waverly Geography | Social Sciences Geography SB-110C 619-388-2408
Kling Wendell Art Fine Art (Sculpture) G-206 619-388-2204
Smith Wendy English English/Honors Co-Coordinator G-311 619-388-2347
Peters William Mathematics Tutoring Center Coordinator MS 215A 619-388-2977
Brothers William Biology Biology/Anatomy/Physiology MS 315J 619-388-2787
Clary William American Sign Language American Sign Language, Chair G-326 858-429-5563 VRS
Khalil Winnifred Medical Assisting | Allied Health Medical Assisting S318 619-388-2243
Song Xiaochuan Business | Economics Business/Economics MS-222B 619-388-2278
Shi Xiaoguang (Shannon) Languages Chinese (Mandarin) G-229 619-388-2369
Truneh Yohannes Mathematics Mathematics MS 215S 619-388-2388