Staff Directory

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Last Name First Name Department Position Office Phone
MacNeill Andrew School of Humanities Dean of Humanities G-201D 619-388-2797
Zacovic Anne Resource Development Director of Resource Development A103A 619-388-2285
Hands Ashanti Student Affairs | Student Affairs Dean of Student Affairs I4-408 619-388-2699
Zappia Charles School of Social/Behavioral Sciences and Multicultural Studies Dean of Social/Behavioral Sciences and Multicultur SB-304 619-388-2801
Brown Danene School of Business, Computer Studies and Technology Dean of Business, Computer Studies and Technology J-106 619-388-2803
Evans Dave School of Physical Education/Health Education/Athletics Dean of Physical Education/Health Education/Athle L-101 619-388-2737
Fierro David Administrative Services Interim Program Director of Technology LRC-412 619-388-2515
Barnes Julianna Student Services Vice President of Student Services I4-401 619-388-2678
Shimazaki Leslie School of Arts and Languages Dean of Arts and Languages G-201 619-388-2873
Hinkes Madeleine Institutional Effectiveness | Anthropology Acting Dean, Institutional Effectiveness SB305M 619-388-2294
Fritch Margie School of Health Sciences/Public Service Dean of Health Sciences/Public Service S300 619-388-2789
Luster Pamela President's Office President A-104 619-388-2721
Gomez Paul School of Learning Resources | Learning Resource Center Acting Dean of Learning Resources LRC 619-388-2520
Agatha Rachelle Administrative Services Vice President of Administrative Services A-102 619-388-2990
Eidgahy Saeid School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Dean of Mathematics and Natural Sciences MS 301 619-388-2795
Topham Susan Student Services Dean of Student Development
McGrath Tim Instruction Vice President of Instruction A-103 619-388-2755