Community Partners

Community and College Partners

Canyon Day at San Diego Mesa College was created in 2007 at the recommendation of then District 6 City Councilmember Donna Frye. We appreciate her vision, contributions and participation in this annual event.

San Diego Mesa College
Bayside Community Center
The Clairemont Times
Linda Vista Town Council
San Diego Mesa College Teacher Education Program
San Diego Mesa College Physical Sciences Program
San Diego Mesa College Culinary Arts/Culinary Management Program

Nature Links

Canyon Day Committee

Canyon Day Co-chairs: Prof. Jennifer Carmichael, Biology; Jennifer Nichols Kearns, Director of Communications

Canyon Classroom Co-chairs: Prof. Laurie Lorence, Teacher Education Program, Prof. Waverly Ray

  • M. Eloise Battle, Tecolote Nature Center
  • Michael Fitzgerald, Professor, Mesa College Culinary Arts/Culinary Management Program
  • Tom Kaye, Linda Vista Town Council
  • Ranger Janice Lavalee, San Diego Parks and Recreation
  • Chris O'Connell, The Clairemont Times
  • Mike Snyder, Clairemont Schools, SDUSD
  • Adam Rosorio, Bayside Community Center
  • Honorary Members: Pamela Luster, President, San Diego Mesa College
  • Rich Grosch, Member, Board of Trustees, San Diego Community College District 
  • Patricio Gallardo, Student