Standing Committees



Governance Standing Committees San Diego Mesa College
Governance Standing Committees

Standing Committees

Academic Affairs Committee

Review, make recommendations, and help to carry out Senate policy regarding curriculum and instructional services.

Accreditation Subcommittee

To support campus awareness and ongoing fulfillment of accreditation requirements, identifying gaps, and helping the campus to integrate and embed the work of accreditation into existing processes and practices.

Budget and Allocation Recommendation Committee

The Mesa College Budget and Allocation Recommendation Committee is a representative committee to be appointed through the shared governance process by its constituent groups. It is designed to engage on focused work in the development of principles, recommendations and priorities for the Mesa's General Fund Unrestricted Budget.

Catalog Committee

The primary purpose of the committee is to coordinate the yearly update of the college catalog and to ensure that the contents are accurate, clear and useful. It is preferred that the members of the committee possess curriculum committee experience.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Perkins Committee

Monitor and ensure College's Perkins projects are in compliance with district, state, and federal requirements and that they are reflective of the region's vocational and technical educational needs.

Commencement Committee

Committee on Outcomes and Assessment (COA)

To facilitate meaningful dialogue and assessment practices which support the ongoing improvement of student learning and institutional effectiveness. To provide planning, support, facilitation, communication, and leadership that will enable the achievement of college goals pertaining to learning assessment.

Crisis Response Committee

Curriculum Review Committee

To satisfy statutory requirements and to assure implementation of the goals of the educational master plan to meet the needs of students.

Diversity Committee

The Mesa College Diversity Committee shall promote acceptance and appreciation of all members of our campus community as we learn from each other and celebrate our diversity.

Environmental Sustainability Committee

The Environmental Stewardship Committee strives to serve the community through efforts to encourage environmental sustainability. The committee seeks projects and policies that encourage the wise use of resources on campus, and provides feedback to the president.

Facilities Planning Committee

The purpose of the Mesa College Facility Planning Committee is to review major facility issues which impact Mesa College, provide long-range facilities planning and oversee the maintenance, repair, remodeling and building of Mesa College's Facility Master Plan.

Flex Subcommittee

Development of the flexible calendar of activities; Act as communication links to the Schools; Organize, develop and present FLEX (Instructional Improvement) workshop; Review of FLEX proposals.

Global Awareness Committee

To promote awareness through discussion of the cultural components and celebrations present in our society.

Information Technology Committee

To assess the current status of Information Technology in the delivery of services to Mesa College students and to put in place and maintain a strategic IT plan to carry us into the future.

Deans' Council

The Deans' Council coordinates the day-to-day activities of the Division of Instruction and develops near and mid-term plans for instructional activities and initiatives.

Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Following the sustainable continuous quality improvement model, the Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee is responsible for assuring that the College's planning framework is consistent with accreditation standards; for guiding the annual assessment of progress on stated goals, objectives and priorities and recommending changes as indicated; and for assuring the integration of planning across the campus.

Program Review Committee

Review and modify as needed on a regular basis, and disseminate the program review handbook containing questions, criteria, guidelines and forms.

Scholarship Committee

Site Safety Committee

The Mesa College Site Safety Committee provides a venue to address safety issues and promote safety in all areas across the campus.

Student Success and Equity Committee

TranSfer Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Committee