San Diego Mesa College Social Sciences Certificates & Degrees



Social Science Certificates & Degrees

Certificate of Performance

Units Courses:
3 HUMA 101 Introduction to the Humanities I
3 HUMA 102 Introduction to the Humanities II
3 ANTH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
3 COMS 180 Intercultural Communication
  Select one of the following:
3 GEOG 102 Cultural Geography
3 GEOG 104 World Regional Geography
15 = Total Units

Associate of Arts Degree

Units Courses Required for the Major:
  HIST 100 World History I and
  HIST 101 World History II or
  HIST 105 Introduction to Western Civilization I and
  HIST 106 Introduction to Western Civilization II
  Select a six-unit sequence from two of the following different fields:
  GEOG 102 Cultural Geography and
  GEOG 104 World Regional Geography
  HIST 109 History of the United States I and
  HIST 110 History of the United States II
  HIST 115A History of the Americas I and
  HIST 115B History of the Americas II
  HIST 150 Native Americans in United States History and
  HIST 151 Native Americans in United States History
  PHIL 102A Introduction to Philosophy: Reality and Knowledge and
  PHIL 102B Introduction to Philosophy: Values
  PHIL 104A History of Western Philosophy and
  PHIL 104B History of Western Philosophy
  POLI 101 Introduction to Political Science and
  POLI 102 The American Political System
  POLI 103 Comparative Politics and
  POLI 140 Contemporary International Politics
18 = Total Units