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Radiologic Technology Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Where can I find more information on the Radiologic Technology program?
Please review the Information/Application guide on our website. Also, plan on attending an Information Session where you can get more information and have a Q & A session with our faculty.

Is there a waitlist to get into the Radiologic Technology program at Mesa?

Yes.  You will be given a number when you apply to the program.  Applications are taken in the order received.  There will be a waitlist that is 2-3 years in length.  All courses must be completed prior to applying to the program.

How many students do you take each year?
It varies according to clinical site availability. Generally, 30-40 students.

Where do I apply?
You may mail or bring your application to Special Admissions Office. The office location and mailing address are on the application itself.

I am taking a spring course that won't be finished until a couple weeks before the application deadline. Can I submit my application before I finish the class?
You must wait until you finish it before you submit your application and transcripts. You must submit an official transcript which includes the posted grade for each prerequisite class. Grade printouts are not accepted. Courses "In Progress" will not be considered.

Can I do my Career Exploration at another hospital than the ones on the list?
Yes, but the hospital must have inpatients, an operating room and an emergency room. You must go through both the volunteer services and imaging departments to arrange your observation. Specific instructions are outlined in the Information/Application packet.

I am out of state. How can I attend an Information Session?
Contact the Program Director.

Do I have to register for the Information Session, or do I just show up?
Information sessions are open-forum and do not require any registration process. It is helpful to bring a printed copy of the current Information/Application packet on which to take notes. Arrive early to find parking and obtain a parking day pass (available at designated machines), if necessary.

Do you have evening classes?
No, our program runs primarily Monday through Friday with 8-hour days. There are occasional evening and Saturday shifts to promote student learning, but they do not occur regularly.

I already have some x-ray training. Can I transfer my credits and have an advanced placement in your program?
No, we do not have advanced placement. You would need to apply, be accepted and finish the 24-month program. For information on advanced placement programs, contact the ARRT at

I am interested in getting my fluoroscopy permit. Do you have a fluoro class?
We have fluoroscopy training for our current students only at this time.

How do I get into Ultrasound or Nuclear Medicine?
Contact a school who offers one of these trainings. UCSD offers both.