Radiologic Technology


Career Exploration

Applicants need to complete a minimum of 50 hours of direct observation with a radiologic technologist in a hospital imaging department.  Career Exploration does not need to be repeated for re-application to the program, but documentation must be submitted with each application.  Please use the Career Exploration Form to document the 50 hours, which must be signed by an Imaging Department Supervisor/Manager. 

Contact the Volunteer Services at one of the facilities listed below as they are familiar with participation in Career Exploration.  If you choose another hospital, please be sure they have an emergency room (ER), in-patients, out patients, fluoroscopic procedures and CT/MRI/Ultrasound. To arrange Career Exploration at a hospital not listed, contact the Imaging Department for permission and coordinate the observation hours with the Volunteer Services. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for observation in each of the six (6) radiology areas.  The objective is to “job shadow” a radiologic technologist daily activities.

Prospective students are encouraged to schedule the Career Exploration hours as soon as possible to ensure completion by the application deadline.  Hospitals may not be able to accommodate your preferred dates and several have waitlists for Career Exploration.

Some hospitals require more than 50 hours to volunteer and may not sign the form until the total hours are complete.  There may be immunization, TB testing and other documentation requirements specific to each hospital pertaining to volunteers.  Additional fees, such as parking and uniforms may be required and are the responsibility of the prospective student.

Patient privacy and professionalism – Any documented HIPAA violations or inappropriate conduct during Career Exploration shall be grounds for program admission denial.

UCSD Medical Center                           Volunteer Services: 619-543-6370
200 W. Arbor, San Diego             

Scripps MercyHospital                                 Volunteer Services
4077 5th Ave. San Diego                                 619-260-7082

Veterans Administration                              Contact: Ruben Herrera
3350 La Jolla Village Dr, La Jolla           

Grossmont Hospital                                      Contact: Linda Van Fulpen
5555 Grossmont Ctr Dr., La Mesa                   619-740-4059

Palomar Medical Center                                Contact: David Wayne
2185 W. Citracado Pkwy, Escondido               442-281-1240

Download Career Exploration Form