Radiologic Technology

Application Instructions

For more information, I invite you to attend an Information Session to learn more about the program and get answers to your questions. 

For Information Session dates click here.


Applicants must complete the following:

  1. Apply online to San Diego Mesa College.  You will need your CSID# to complete the Rad Tech application.
  2. Once the application window is open, you will click on the Online  application link below.  The following information is needed to complete the application:
    1. Personal Data: CSID#, current address, email & phone numbers.
    2. List a Degree OR Ed Plan - the official transcripts OR signed Ed Plan will need to be sent directly to Special Admissions.
    3. Prerequisite course information:  Institution, units, semester/year completed & grade ( must be grade C or higher).
    4. Check all boxes for RADT Technical Standards & sign electronically - no uploads or scans.
    5. Check all boxes for RADT Applicant Agreement & sign electronically - no uploads or scans.
  3. Submit an online application for Radiologic Technology.

  4. Request official transcripts be sent directly to the Special Admissions Office of San Diego Mesa College.
    San Diego Mesa College
    Special Admissions, I4-102
    7250 Mesa College Drive
    San Diego, CA 92111

    Note: If you have attended City, Mesa, or Miramar Colleges, you do not have to submit an official transcript. Your transcript will be obtained directly from the records office on your behalf.

Complete Applications Must Include the following supportive documentation - either mailed or hand-delivered to Special Admissions

  1. Official Transcripts from all institutions must be submitted - transcripts from City, Mesa or Miramar Colleges will be obtained from the District Office.
  2. Ed Plan must be signed by  a Mesa counselor (Only if you have not completed an Associates Degree).


Technical Recommendations

  • Chrome / Firefox / Sarari recommended
  • DO NOT use Internet Explorer
  • DO NOT apply from a mobile device

Screening Process

PLEASE NOTE:  all communication will be through email. It is the applicants' responsible to stay on top of it.

All applications will be reviewed for accuracy, completeness, and eligibility in order of submission. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the application is complete at the time of submission.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to assure that all required supportive documents is in their file – incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

Students are selected based on a first-come first-serve application submission.

Conditional Acceptance letters for the Radiologic Technology Program will be sent out via email by April 15th of each year to the email address listed on the application. PLEASE NOTE: Please make sure your email address matches your email in your mysdccd account. 

Applicants must confirm acceptance in writing via email by May 1st to maintain their admission status.

To Cancel/Withdraw

Any candidate wishing to withdraw or cancel their application must provide immediate communication via email to Special Admissions.

Special Admissions, I4-102

Dulce Carolina Lopez,

Jim Arnegard,

Karina Sandoval,