Radiologic Technology

Application Deadline

  • February 3, 2020 – application window opens at 12:00 pm.
  • March 2, 2020 – application window closes at 4:00 pm.

The application should be submitted electronically; no paper applications will be accepted.  Applications will not be accepted after the deadline – no exceptions.

Applications will be reviewed for completeness after the application deadline by the Admissions Committee.  The Special Admissions technician may respond to application inquiries as “received” or “not received”.  Please ask questions if further clarification is needed.

  • April 15th the Radiologic Technology Program will email Conditional Acceptance letters to the email address listed on the application.
  • May 1st – Applicants must confirm acceptance via email to maintain their admission status.

If you would like to withdraw or cancel your application before the application deadline, please contact Special Admissions.  Any student that has been conditionally accepted, but withdraws, should contact the Program Director as soon as possible, so another student may be selected.

All applicants are responsible for maintaining accurate contact information (address, telephone and email) with the Special Admissions Office.  Please be sure that domains are on a “safe” list.  The program is not responsible for lost, accidentally deleted or junk filters applied to the applicant’s email.

Please be sure to clarify any questions or admissions procedures before the application deadline, preferably before the application window opens.

Students must be eligible to register for San Diego Mesa College prior to enrollment in the Radiologic Technology Program.  Please check the program website for any additional updated information at


Conditionally Accepted students must enroll and successfully pass RADT 050 Concepts in Imaging Sciences in the June summer session in order to continue into the fall semester.  No deferred placements to the following year.  You are welcome to reapply when ready.

  • The first 50 applicants will be selected for enrollment into RADT 050 summer course.
  • Students who pass RADT 050, but do not have a placement in the program for that given year, are placed on the alternate / waitlist and guaranteed a place the following year only. Students may not defer to a later year.
  • Students who do not pass RADT 050 will forfeit their spot in the program.
  • Students who do not pass RADT 050 must reapply to the program during the next application process.
  • Students have only two (2) opportunities to pass RADT 050.
  • If alternates do not accept their placement, they must reapply to the program.