Application Instructions




Physical Therapist Assisstant


Application Instructions

Health Information Management Program PDFPTA Program Application Directions

Health Information Management Program PDFPTA Program General Information


Applicants must complete the following:

  1. Apply online to San Diego Mesa College.  You will need your CSID# to complete the PTA application.
  2. Complete the application packet for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program.  You will need all of these documents to complete the online application.
  3. Submit an online application for Physical Therapist Assistant Program through the Allied Health Department.
  4. Request official transcripts be sent directly to the Special Admissions Office of San Diego Mesa College.
    San Diego Mesa College
    Special Admissions, I4-102
    7250 Mesa College Drive
    San Diego, CA 92111

    Note: If you have attended City, Mesa, or Miramar Colleges, you do not have to submit an official transcript. Your transcript will be obtained directly from the records office on your behalf.

The Application Packet

All documents must be in PDF format Do not upload images.
A complete application packet includes the following requirements: 

  1. Prerequisite Course Verification
  2. Transcript Requirements (Unofficial and Official) 
  3. Clinical Site Observation/Verification and Performance Evaluation - (View PDF)
  4. Applicant Verification of Observation Experience and Essay - (View PDF)
  5. Email Correspondence - (View PDF)
  6. PTA Essential Functions Acknowledgement - (View PDF)
  7. PTA Program Application Checklist - (View PDF)


  • All observation experiences must be completed and signed off by the therapist by the application deadline, April 16, 2018.
  • Prerequisite courses can be completed in Summer 2018.
  • Successful completion of prerequisite courses will be verified and acceptance to the PTA program will be pending proof of completion with passing grade.

Screening Process

Applicants who complete the academic prerequisites and submit a completed online application with supportive documentation by the application deadline will be given consideration for enrollment in program.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to assure that all supportive documentation is in their file – incomplete applications will NOT be considered.

The program will admit up to 30 students per year. A computerized random lottery will be performed to determine those accepted and create an alternate list.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to maintain a current e-mail address with the college’s Special Admissions Office and return all mailings in a timely manner. Failure to return necessary paperwork will result in the person being removed from the current list. Each year, a new qualified applicant list is generated from the completed applications submitted for that given year.

Acceptances will be emailed by June 11th.

Confirmation of Acceptance must be returned within 2 weeks of receipt of dated email.*

*Please be sure to respond by the date listed in the email as confirmation of acceptance response times change as the Fall semester approaches.

Final acceptance, alternates and those not accepted will be confirmed via email by July 30th.  

Please check the email submitted with your application between June 11th and July 30th for program responses.
Please contact Special Admissions with any questions regarding acceptance.

To Cancel/Withdraw

Any candidate wishing to withdraw or cancel their application must provide immediate communication via email to Special Admissions.

Special Admissions, I4-102

Jim Arnegard,
Dulce Carolina Lopez,
Karina Sandoval,