Philosophy Certificates & Degrees

Associate of Arts Degree

Units Courses Required for the Major:
3 PHIL 101 Symbolic Logic
  PHIL 102A Introduction to Philosophy: Reality & Knowledge and
  PHIL 102B Introduction to Philosophy: Values or
  PHIL 104A History of Western Philosophy and
  PHIL 104B History of Western Philosophy
  HIST 100 and 101 World History I & II or
  HIST 105 and 106 Introduction to Western Civilization I & II
  Select six units from the following:
  PHIL 100 Logic and Critical Thinking
  PHIL 103 Historical Introduction to Philosophy
  PHIL 106 Asian Philosophy
  PHIL 107 Reflections on Human Nature
  PHIL 108 Perspectives on Human Nature and Society
  PHIL 109 Issues in Social Philosophy
  PHIL 110 Philosophy of Religion
  PHIL 111 Philosophy in Literature
  PHIL 112 Philosophy of Science
  PHIL 125 Philosophy of Women
  PHIL 296 Individualized Instruction in Philosophy
21 = Total Units