Dietetic Service Supervisor Certificate Information



Certificate Information

To comply with new Federal law, the Dietetic Service Supervisor certificate is in the process of being changed into a Dietary Manager Certificate. We have applied for certification from the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers. Upon achieving this national certification, students who complete our program will be eligible to take the Certified Dietary Manager (CDM) exam. As a CDM,  students will be able to function as qualified supervisors in acute or long term health care facilities. It is a 13.5-unit program which can be completed in 1-1/2 years for full-time students. To continue in the program, all classes must be completed will a grade of "C" at Mesa College within a 5 year period.

Classes for this Certificate will not begin until fall, 2018. Please re-visit this page later in the spring 2018 semester to view the new classes for the Dietary Manager Certificate. Attend a spring 2018 Orientation for more information.

Certificate of Achievement

Units Courses Required for the Major:
3 NUTR 150 Nutrition
3 CACM 101 Sanitation, Safety and Equipment
1 NUTR 116 Principles of Cooking in Healthcare Food Service
2 NUTR 091 Directed Clinical Practice
3 NUTR 180 Nutrition and Diet Therapy or
2 NUTR 089 Modified Diets
3 NUTR 199 Food Operations in Healthcare Management
14-15 = Total Units


Sample Sequence

Sample Sequence
Fall Semester 1  
Spring Semester  
FALL Semester 2