Scholarships and Application



Scholarships and Applications

$500-$1000 scholarships

  • E. F. K. Music Scholarships
  • Gustavo Romero Music Scholarships
  • Shellist Memorial Music Scholarship
  • Nikki Carano Memorial Scholarship


To provide merit-based scholarships to incoming students at San Diego Mesa College who desire to sing with the San Diego Mesa College Vocal Ensemble or play jazz with the San Diego Mesa College Concert Jazz Band


  • New student to San Diego Mesa College Vocal Ensemble or San Diego Mesa College Concert Jazz Band.
  • Grade Point Average of 2.6 or better.
  • Previous experience in a performing ensemble.
  • Enrolled for 12 or more units at San Diego Mesa College.
  • Enroll in the San Diego Mesa College Vocal Ensemble or San Diego Mesa College Concert Jazz Band for both semesters of the school year.
  • Complete and submit the required application and supporting materials in accordance with the established process and criteria.
  • Students do not have to be music majors.

Application Procedures:

Applications are due February 28, 2017

Interested students can apply at: San Diego Mesa College Scholarships    

After applying, search for and submit supplementary information:

San Diego Mesa College Music Scholarships

Audition Procedures: Audition times will be arranged after application is complete.

  • Please prepare a 2-3 minute solo that demonstrates your current skill level. An accompanist will be provided or you can bring your own.
  •  Vocalists will be asked to demonstrate their sight-reading skills and pitch-matching skills.
  • All instrumentalists (except jazz drumset): Please prepare to play major and minor scales and arpeggios in keys up to four sharps and flats in at least one octave. If you know any modal and blues scales, please be prepared to demonstrate.
  • Jazz instrumentalists: Please prepare to improvise over simple, common blues in Bb, F, and C.
  • Percussionists: Please prepare to demonstrate the standard snare drum rudiments, a snare drum solo, and a variety of drumset time feels and improvisation (jazz, Latin, funk).
  • All Applicants: There will be a short Music Theory knowledge sheet that we will ask you to complete.
  • If you have questions, please email: Dr. Richard Chagnon -