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Music Department

The Music Department at San Diego Mesa College offers over 60 active courses, providing a lower division curriculum comparable to those in four-year institutions. We are training students to transfer to four year universities as well as to take part in the growing entertainment field, the largest industry in California. The Music Department has demanding and rewarding classes in theory, electronic music, voice, and jazz that provide non-music and music majors the opportunity to learn about and create music. Since 1995 we have awarded $30,000+ in scholarships to music majors transferring to 4-year institutions. If you care about music and want a superior music education, San Diego Mesa College is the best choice.

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Performing opportunities

San Diego Mesa College Concert Jazz Band
concert jazz band

A selected group of limited membership devoted to the preparation and performance of the best contemporary jazz and stage band literature. Designed to meet the needs of the student desiring to enter the field of professional stage band work, but open to qualified students of any department of the college. The group gives public concerts and supplies music for college functions. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is an integral part of this course. Offered every semester. 1 Unit, MUSI 252.  The Concert Jazz Band is offered every semester meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:10-5:35 pm in C-119.  Contact: Ian Tordella

San Diego Mesa College Guitar Ensemble
guitar ensemble

This course provides for the study and performance of selected guitar ensemble works. After an audition, each student is assigned to an ensemble. Students practice and perform in an intermediate-to-advanced guitar ensemble, focusing on developing their skills in reading music, as well as the technical and interpretative skills required in the performance of a wide variety of works from different historical eras. The course topics will be different with each repetition as the musical repertoire presented and performed differs each time the course is offered. Attendance at classes, rehearsals and performances is required. 2 Units, MUSI 256 A-D. Guitar Ensemble is offered every semester meeting on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 12:45-2:10 pm in C-116. Contact: George Svoboda

San Diego Mesa College Jazz Ensemble
jazz ensemble

This course is a study of small jazz ensemble music performance at the beginning level. Students are seated in ensemble groups according to their technical ability in preparation for performance. This course is designed for music majors and anyone interested in playing with an ensemble. 1 Unit, MUSI 253 A-D. The Jazz Ensemble is offered every semester meeting on Fridays from 9:30 am-12:30 pm in C-119. Contact: Bob Magnusson

San Diego Mesa College Vocal Ensemble
vocal ensemble

Vocal Ensemble is an intermediate choral ensemble that focuses on developing music-reading, aural and vocal skills in the preparation and performance of a wide variety of choral works. Enrollment is by audition. Members are expected to have some previous choral and vocal experience. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is required.  2.5 Units, MUSI 210 A-D.  The Vocal Ensemble is offered every semester meeting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:20-3:45 pm and additionally on Thursdays 2:20-4:00 pm in C-116. Contact: Elana Vizuet
Vocal Ensemble website:

San Diego Mesa College World Music Ensemble
world music ensemble

This course is a world music ensemble, which exposes students to a variety of world music traditions, including those found in Uganda (East Africa), Ghana (West Africa), Zaïre (Central Africa), and Brazil (South America). Students will learn basic techniques on a variety of percussion instruments and learn to sing traditional vocal pieces. Repertoire covered involves learning through oral tradition and alternative notation. No prior experience needed and no audition required. Attendance at rehearsals and performances is required.  2 Units, MUSI 251 A-D.  The World Music Ensemble is offered every semester meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:00-5:25 pm in C-119.  Contact: Dr. N. Scott Robinson


Applied Music Program

Applied Music Program (AMP) provides individual instruction on your instrument, performances in weekly master classes and participation in music department recitals. Admission is by audition.  Click here for more information.



Music Scholarships

Applications are due February 20, 2018

The Mesa College Scholarship Program enables students to complete their studies, and is one of the keys to ensuring student success through financial support. Scholarships range in value from $250 – $2,500. Scholarship opportunities are available to all Mesa students.  To see the scholarships for those participating or planning to participate in Mesa College Music classes,  click “Apply Here.”  At the top of the new page, click “Sign Up" if interested in applying.


Start your career and get your music education at San Diego Mesa College!


  • AA in Music
  • Transfer degree for CSU and UC
  • 3 Certificates of Completion in Music Theory, Music Technology, and Music Composition

How We Contribute

  • The Applied Music Program: limited enrollment via competitive auditions have nurtured highly talented musicians, the majority successfully transfer in their specialty
  • Concert Jazz Band: Solid reputation throughout community with high energy and popular community concerts
  • Vocal Ensemble: performed concerts throughout San Diego and on international tours featuring a variety of programs dedicated to gospel music, music of the Pacific Rim, African music, vocal jazz and western European masterworks
  • Variety of other ensembles: Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and World Music Ensemble
  • Recital Hour: Weekly musical performances showcase talented students, masterful faculty, musicians of the local community and performers of world renown, and a venue for educational quality concerts for students, campus and community
  • The Electronic Music Studio: State of the Art recording facility and computer music production studio available to students at any level of interest and ability with a very broad curriculum
  • Music Composition courses: virtually unheard of at community colleges, composition and songwriting regarded as a core skill for the creative musician
  • The Music Theory program: recognized State-wide for its rigor, courses transfer directly to CSU and UC music programs. Students place without deficiencies at major conservatories and universities