Applied Music and Auditions



Applied Music and Auditions

Applied Music Program (AMP) provides individual instruction on your instrument, performances in weekly master classes and participation in music department recitals. Admission is by audition. Students playing instruments

Auditions are during the first week of each semester in C-119 in C-100 building. Sign up for a time slot on the audition sheet outside of the Music Office, C-109. Prepare 2-3 contrasting pieces of classical or jazz music on your instrument, fill out the information sheet,        and show up on time.  Audition Information:  Contact Dr. N. Scott Robinson: . Please see our Events and Announcements Page for  Applied Music Program Audition Date    

AMP students must demonstrate proficiency on their instrument, an understanding of fundamentals, and the ability to read music on your instrument. If auditioning as a jazz music student, the ability to improvise is also required. If you are one of the 15 students accepted for the AMP program you will receive free weekly private lessons on your instrument.

As an AMP student you are required to enroll in the following classes:

  • Enroll in Master Class and Applied Music I-IV (MUSI 274 A-D)
  • Enroll in Recital hour
  • Enroll in an ensemble
  • Enroll in Theory and Ear Training (Basic Musicianship pre-requisite)
  • Prepare for end of semester Jury

AMP students will perform regularly for their peers in the weekly AMP master class, where they will get valuable feedback and performance experience. At the end of the semester, all AMP students perform in the AMP recital and are evaluated by the entire music faculty in juries.

Pre-AMP program

Students showing strong potential but who are evaluated as not being ready for the AMP program will be offered a slot in the pre-AMP program. These students will enroll in Individualized Study I-IV (MUSI 174 A-D) and will be required to pay for their own lessons. Pre-AMP students may be taking Basic Musicianship in preparation for future enrollment in the theory/ear training program and to qualify them to be AMP students.

  1. If I do more than one thing, can I audition twice?
    You must choose one instrument and area to audition. If you play classical piano and jazz piano, you must choose one area (classical piano or jazz piano) to audition.
  2. If I am a composer, can I play some of my own pieces during the audition?
    You are being evaluated as a performer. We do have composition classes and encourage students to compose, but the auditions are about performance, so play the pieces that will best show your abilities as a performer.
  3. What pieces should I prepare for the audition?
    Choose contrasting pieces: Bach and Chopin for example for classical piano, or an up tempo Samba and a ballad for jazz. For jazz auditions, be prepared to play the head and then improvise. Jazz guitarists should be able to comp and play lead at the same time. Drummers should know their fundamentals.
  4. Do I have to have the pieces memorized?
    No, but you should be able to play them well without stopping.
  5. What are you looking for in the audition? How good do I have to be?
    We are looking for motivated students who have prior experience and knowledge of their instrument. The best candidates will have skills and musicality. How good you have to be is different every year. There are 15 slots and how many openings depend on the number of returning students.