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Gifts for Kids in Mexico
The Languages Department is collecting toys and blankets for 200 children and their families in the neighborhood of Colonia 89 in Ensenada, Mexico. For more information please contact Jeff Berry,

Welcome to the Languages Department's Home Page. The purpose of this and other linked pages is to furnish information about our programs, courses, and staff. The language department offers AA degree programs in Spanish, French and Japanese and courses in nine languages:  Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.  Our faculty are committed to upholding the National Standards of Foreign Language Teaching.  We embrace the 5 C's advocated by the American Council of the Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) of culture, community, connections, communication, comparisons.

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The Department of Languages aims to prepare students with the necessary linguistic and cultural knowledge that will enable them to think critically, understand, and appreciate the uniqueness of other language groups. Recognizing that language and culture are inseparable, and in times of growing internationalization, the Department seeks to advance proficiency in languages other than English and cross-cultural competency, making our students more aware, engaged, and prepared global citizens.