Chicano Studies Certificates & Degrees



Chicano Studies Certificates & Degrees

Associate of Arts Degree

Units Courses Required for the Major:
  CHIC 110A Introduction to Chicano Studies or
3 CHIC 110B Introduction to Chicano Studies
  CHIC 130 Mexican Literature in Translation or
  CHIC 135 Chicana/o Literature or
3 CHIC 138 Literature of La Raza in Latin America in Translation
3 CHIC 141A United States History from a Chicano Perspective
3 CHIC 141B United States History from a Chicano Perspective
  CHIC 150 History of Mexico or
  CHIC 170 La Chicana or
  CHIC 201 The Indigenous Tradition of Mexico and Ancient Mesoamerica or
3 CHIC 210 Chicano Culture
  Select one of the following courses:
5 SPAN 201 Third Course in Spanish
5 SPAN 202 Fourth Course in Spanish
20 = Total Units